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The Geriatric Bowl

Posted by Matt on November 18, 2007


When the Green Bay Packers take the field today against the Carolina Panthers the opposing starting quarterbacks will be Brett Favre and Vinny Testaverde — two men whose combined age is 82 years and 44 days, an NFL record for two starting quarterbacks in the same game.

Those of you who were born the year Vinny, who is just five days removed from his 44th birthday, took his first snap will soon be allowed to drink alcohol legally here in the United States and anyone born when Brett, who is 38 years and 39 days old himself, entered the NFL just recieved a driver’s license and a shiny new set of car keys.

Brett’s durability is nothing short of remarkable in a physical sport such as football and, this season, Favre is actually playing some of the most effective football of his career and is having his best season in quite some time while leading the Green Bay Packers to an 8-1 record.  Furthermore, what is even more amazing in Brett’s case is that he has played in all 16 games of the regular season in every season since 1992.  

On the other side of things, Vinny is currently with his 7th NFL team and has thrown at least one touchdown in 21 consecutive seasons, an NFL record.  When Vinny started his first game for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1987 the number one album in the United States was The Joshua Tree by U2 and Hannah Montana, the hottest concert draw in America, wasn’t even a twinkle in Billy Ray’s eye.

All joking aside, while other players come and gone, some riding off in to the sunset while others fading in to obscurity, Vinny and Brett continue to write the book on longevity.

The Geriatric Bowl kicks off in mere minutes and I am taking the Green Bay Brett Favres over the Carolina Vinny Testaverdes.

Enjoy your Sunday football and good luck to all of your fantasy teams!


2 Responses to “The Geriatric Bowl”

  1. Doc Hancock said

    Classic man………………..Those guys are so old they were throwing passes with Jesus and the disciples.

  2. Steven said

    Those guys aren’t much older than I am…….

    It just shows how time really does fly by in this life.

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