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Bonds Coverage

Posted by Matt on November 16, 2007


This won’t ever appear above my Joe Nuxhall column today for reasons outlined in said column, but we have been getting some bonus traffic thanks to the Barry Bonds indictment so I felt compelled to speak on it.

Actually, I really don’t have much in the way of comments on the subject because I think I grew tired of the man over the course of this season; however, what I will say is that I think, regardless of the outcome of the trial, this will put an end to his career but I will also go on record as saying that I don’t feel he’ll be convicted.

And here is why:

Bonds never denied using steroids he merely insisted he never knowingly used the substance when he testified to a Grand Jury in the Balco investigations. Victor Conte has already stated he likely won’t testify in the case and to convict Bonds on perjury charges means finding someone who will tell the jury that he/she knows that Bonds knew what he was taking at the time and then the jury has to believe this person. Currently, there are few ideas on who this person is and really, regardless of the witness, it becomes a situation of his/her word against Barry’s and a defendant is innocent until proven guilty and has to be guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt to be convicted. Thus, Bonds will likely walk away with his freedom but will also likely walk away from the game of baseball, hopefully disappearing in to obscurity for the next couple of decades.

Now that I am off of my soap box regarding Bonds, the real reason for this column was to post some of our previous Barry Bonds and steroids coverage for easier access to the people who wound up here in search of Bonds-related material. Some of what is listed has already upset some people so if it also upsets you please read the comments thread for each article as most complaints have already been addressed. Also, the commentaries for the links below were written shortly after Bonds broke Hank Aaron’s all-time home run mark to give you an idea of the atmosphere in which they were written.

Links with commentary:

An Open Letter To All Major League Pitchers, by Matt – April 3, 2007: This was one of the first posts on the site when I was merely testing out the system but it is interesting to read it now that the record has been breached. My views have not changed much on the issue but my overall message is a moot point now.

The Genius Of Jose Canseco, by Matt – April 11, 2007: This is an in-depth look at what Jose Canseco brought to the table with his tell-all antics in Juiced, the research may surprise you. And now, more and more names are popping up in allegations from Canseco to positive tests from Major League Baseball: Alex Rodriguez, Neifi Perez, etcetera. It is interesting to note that seemingly roughly 75% (not scientific by any standards) of names linked to steroids by random testing, or Jose’s mouth, are of Hispanic descent, Bonds not withstanding. I will have to follow up this article when Canseco releases his second tell-all memoir, Vindicated.

Hey, Look At Me, I Am Barry Bonds’ Brother!, by Matt – May 16, 2007: One of the shortest pieces you’ll find here yet no other article has seemed to cause as much controversy as this one. It is more of a knock to Bobby Bonds than it is to Barry, but take from it what you will. For reasons unknown to me, and it certainly isn’t because of ground shattering content, this has become one of our most-viewed articles reaching well over 2,000 page views. I thought it was funny but it seems to have rubbed others the wrong way.

Barry’s Crucible, by Josh “Charlie Hustle” Stankovich – May 17, 2007: Playing the part of the voice of reason in this one, “Charlie” offers one of the best pieces you’ll find here regarding any sport and one of the best pieces you’ll find regarding Barry Bonds anywhere. “Charlie” doesn’t try to be flashy when he speaks from a different angle than you usually expect; this piece is the ‘must read’ of the bunch and may encompass the sentiments of some of the middle-of-the-road Bonds supporters. This article is still very relevant.

Twenty Years Of Testosterone, by Matt with help from “Charlie Hustle” – May 18, 2007: This was my personal, sarcastic follow up to the controversy sparked by Hey, Look At Me, I am Barry Bonds’ Brother! and Josh and I think it is a fun piece. We write things based on what we find hilarious between us and usually we’re the only ones that end up finding it funny but hopefully you will enjoy it too.

Bud Selig’s Dictatorship, by Matt – June 26, 2007: I attempt to take Bud Selig to task regarding his handling of the steroid situation and, more importantly, his dealings with Jason Giambi, who seemed to be a bit of a scapegoat. I can only claim to attempt to take Selig to task, you can decide how worthy it is.

Who Wants To Be A Commissioner? by Josh “Charlie Hustle” Stankovich – August 2, 2007: A three-part post that looks at all three professional sports leagues’ commissioners and their handling of their leagues’ respective controversies. The portion on Bud Selig more than applies to this situation and feel free to participate in the comments section of this particular article. We now know that Selig was present for the tying home run but not the breaking home run and celebrated about as much as I would at a funeral; an interesting situation to say the least and this piece a close second ‘must read’ piece of this group.

Bonds Did It, by Matt – August 5, 2007: I couldn’t have been more mum on the topic of Bonds tying Aaron than I was the morning after; it isn’t really worth a read because there isn’t much TO read but it is interesting now that he has broken the record how many places like TNB has seen the milestone come and go without much fanfare.

Added November 16th, 2007:

Think Steroids Have Ruined Baseball? Think Again. by Matt – October 4, 2007: My feeble attempts to put a positive spin on this year’s season amidst the negative publicity of steroids and Bonds’ home run chase. I have taken a pretty hard line on the steroids issue and this column was also an attempt to work an apathetic stance in to things and strictly concern myself, and others, with simply the game itself and not the scandals. You probably won’t like it and/or you’ll disagree, which is fine, just read the comments in the article’s thread as most issues have already been addressed.

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