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Whoa, Don’t Go Patting Yourself On The Back Just Yet

Posted by Matt on November 13, 2007


As many faithful followers of this site have realized by now, the bane of the existence of both myself and Charlie Hustle this NFL season has been the antics of the Cincinnati Bengals’ resident “beat writer” Geoff Hobson.  I have gotten to the point where I try not to read what he writes as A) the headlines usually tell the tale anyways and B) if you listen to Geoff you’d think the entire Bengals season is full of wild flowers and sunshine.

And again, after Cincinnati’s 21-7 victory over the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, Hobson fails to disappoint as the headline for his post-game blog entry was as follows:  “Take A Bow, Defense”.

Laughable.  A professional defense puts together one solid performance among eight other abysmal performances and Hobson crowns them showstoppers.

Need I remind the viewing public that this “take a bow”-quality performance came against an anemic offense that ranks just 28th in points scored and 26th in total yards gained (out of 32 teams).  Also, need I remind anyone that, even after this picture-perfect day, the Bengals defense still ranks 30th in points yielded and 31st in yards allowed! 

The defense is embarrassing, they just happened upon an offense that was equally as terrible and did what any opposite, yet equal, force would do to another: cancel it out.

So go ahead defense, take that “well-deserved” bow but remember that there is a hell of a lot more that you need to prove to Bengals’ fans not wearing the jungle-colored glasses of Hobson before I’ll reserve an aisle seat back on the bandwagon with my buddy Geoff.


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