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Morning Thoughts

Posted by Matt on November 11, 2007

After a barn burner for the ‘Cats in Nashville, all that I am asking for is a weekend where both my Wildcats and my Bengals can put together wins to make my upcoming week a little more pleasant. 

Cincinnati heads to Baltimore to play the offensively anemic Ravens that are coming off an embarrassing loss to Shitsburgh and no doubt looking to get back on the winning side of things.

That being said, no “T.N.B. Bengals” this week as the Ravens weren’t around in 1991, but it will continue next week and by season’s end will compare their winning percentage against the real Bengals and we may be surprised how close they’ll mirror one another.

There will likely be no NASCAR preview this week either.  With two races to go in a two man race (Jeff Gordon is just 30 points behind Jimmie Johnson in “The Chase” without any others in any real contention) I have effectively given up on the season; although I will take Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson as my Winner/Others To Watch For because it is impossible to bet against the dynamic duo at this point with the Fall that Hendrick Motorsports has put together.

NFL Staff Picks will be up later today.  Enjoy a full day of NFL action and good luck to all of your fantasy teams!


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