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‘Buike Doing His Thing

Posted by Matt on November 9, 2007


Former University of Kentucky stud Kelenna Azubuike continues to do “his thing” for the Golden State Warriors as ‘Buike went for his first double-double of the season with 27 points on 50% shooting and 11 rebounds to go along with 4 assists and a steal in 43 minutes of play. The Warriors had a Cinderella-esque run in last year’s Playoffs but are struggling out of the gate early this season at 0-5. It is, however, nice to see Kelenna doing well (and getting paid – $687, 456 this season with his stock steadily rising) as not only is he a former Wildcat but always seemed to be a real class act that was hit with some misfortunes during his Kentucky career that forced him in to the NBA a year early.

Nothing but the best of luck is wished upon all of our former Wildcats as it is always nice to see the program represented in the NBA.

Congrats, Kelenna and thanks for making the Bluegrass proud!


UPDATE: Jeff Shelman of has a good read on Tubby Smith from yesterday: Smith and Minnesota an unlikely pairing.

The same aforementioned good luck wishes are bestowed upon former coaches as well regardless if they are out of, or still in, the coaching ranks. I have always been a Tubby Smith fan/supporter and look forward to following the continuance of his career in Minnesota.


4 Responses to “‘Buike Doing His Thing”

  1. KY said

    Tubby SUK’d

  2. Matt said

    Thank-you for those deep insights.

  3. KY said


  4. Matt said

    Hahaha…it’s like “Deep Thoughts With Jack Handy” from SNL or whatever…

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