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Brittanee McCaster And Appalachian State, Meet Gardner-Webb

Posted by Ryne E. Hancock on November 9, 2007

Quick. Raise your hand if you knew before Wednesday night where Gardner-Webb University was.

Can’t do it?

That’s because on Wednesday night, the Gardner-Webb Runnin’ Bulldogs joined Appalachian State, Brittanee McCaster, Stanford, and my friend Jasmine – who beat two guys in pool the other day in the Bryce Student Center – to the list of improbable upsets this year by beating #22 Kentucky 84-68 in the Coaches versus Cancer Classic.

This marks the first time in their school’s history that they defeated not only an SEC team but a ranked opponent as well.

Judging from how the Wildcats played Wednesday night, in which they shot only 35 percent from the floor and even worse from 3-point territory, to call Gardner-Webb’s victory an upset is almost like explaining to a person that I constantly beat in pool that the rare time that she does beat me is like Michigan State against Michigan in football.

A dime a dozen.

The Wildcats apparently believed in their hearts that, because this was a school of 4,000 that finished 9-21 the year before and was projected to finish 8th in the Atlantic Sun, that they could walk all over them because they had Kentucky jerseys and a guy who turned around the fortunes of Texas A&M and Texas-El Paso on their bench.

But, as we’ve learned from the college football season, regardless of what school you’re wearing on your chests, you’re nothing more than another giant waiting to be slayed by someone who is smaller, lighter, and slower than you.

More than likely when the pride of Boiling Springs, North Carolina head up to Madison Square Garden in a week or so, chances are that they’re going to be overwhelming underdogs again, simply because they’re Gardner-Webb.

But as Ms. McCaster, Appalachian State, Stanford, and my friend Jasmine has taught me, as well as others throughout the year, it doesn’t matter how big of an underdog you are.

All it takes is heart and desire.

One Response to “Brittanee McCaster And Appalachian State, Meet Gardner-Webb”

  1. Just2Cocky said

    Gardner Webb is in Boiling Springs, NC of course.

    Knew that before the game too.

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