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Who Wants To Win The Heisman?

Posted by Condo on November 7, 2007


This year’s Heisman Trophy race is more like a game of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” with nobody stepping up to the plate to win the $1,000,000 prize.  There have been many contestants who as soon as they get out in the spotlight as the favorite, fall out of the race. (See: Andre Woodson of Kentucky, Darren McFadden of Arkansas, and Matt Ryan of Boston College)

The Heisman Trophy is an award that has become an award that goes to the best player on the best team rather than the best player in college football.  Typically, there is one or two players who tend to seperate themselves from the pack and their respective team is almost always unbeaten and at the top of the polls.  Last year it was Troy Smith, the year prior it was Vince Young and Reggie Bush, and before that Matt Leinart. 

However, the way this season has played out with the polls being turned upside down and no clear cut top player on a clear cut top team, it’s made the race one of the most debated in recent memory.  Guys like Dennis Dixon at Oregon and Matt Ryan at Boston College who were not even consideration for the Heisman when the season started have been at the top of the list in recent weeks with Dixon having the upperhand at this point because his team didn’t lose last week.

Could this be the first season that the Heisman may go to the best overall player instead of the best player on the best team (in the polls that is)?  If I had to make the call on the top 5 players on my Heisman ballot, it would like this:

  1. Tim Tebow, QB, SO, Florida — (68% completion percentage, 2,228 yards passing, 21 TD/4 INT, 598 rush yards and 14 rush TDs.) 
    Tebow I feel is the most valuable player to his team and one of the best in college football right now.  He’s played big in big games, he’s a leader, he’s a warrior, and his stats speak for themselves.  Too bad his defense was not better or they might be unbeaten right now.

  2. Dennis Dixon, QB, SR, Oregon — (68% completion percentage, 2,074 yards passing, 20 TD/3 INT, 549 rush yards and 8 rush TDs.)
    Dixon is a VERY close second behind Tebow.  He is in my opinion the second most valuable player to his team and again one of the best in college football right now.  He certainly has played well in big games like Tebow has and has been fortunate to be on the winning end of almost all of them.  The one thing he has that Tebow doesn’t have right now is a ‘big play’ that sticks out in the voters minds, that being his fake statue of liberty play where he waltzed in for a touchdown versus Michigan.  He certainly can jump Tebow if his play continues down the stretch.

  3. Darren McFadden, RB, JR, Arkansas — (1,314 rush yards, 12 rush TDs, 65 yards passing, 2 passing TDs.)
    McFadden was obviously number 1 on most people’s preseason Heisman ballots and even through Arkansas struggles this season has managed to keep himself up in the race.  His HUGE performance versus South Carolina where he ran for 321 yards and a touchdown is what vaulted him back into the race.  He still has the “IT” factor and still has big games left versus Tennessee and LSU.  This gives him the chance to put up big numbers and get back his #1 spot he had earned in the preseason.

  4. Chase Daniel, QB, JR, Missouri — (69% completion percentage, 2,954 yards passing, 23 TD/9 INT, 233 rush yards and 3 rush TDs.)
    The junior at Missouri is having a big season and is helping lead Mizzou’ to one of its best season’s ever.  The only blemish on his team’s record was in Norman versus the Sooners and he played pretty well in that game — his defense couldn’t stop anyone, which was the problem.  He still has a big game left versus unbeaten Kansas to help his cause and a win there could land his team in the Big XII title game with a chance to possibly exact revenge on OU and jump up in the Heisman race.

  5. Pat White, QB, JR, West Virginia — (70% completion percentage, 1,070 yards passing, 9 TD/2 INT, 656 rush yards, 9 rush TDs.)
    The junior quarterback at West Virginia has come a LONG ways from being only a running threat and is now learning to burn teams with his arm as well.  18 total touchdowns and on a team with only 1 loss this season helps.  Especially when you were hurt in that 1 loss and only able to play for half the game.  Think the Mountaineers would’ve won if Pat White was healthy versus South Florida?  Maybe, maybe not, but the point is, he is still in the Heisman race and with key Big East games left with Louisville, Cincinnati, and UConn, he has time to build upon the resume and vault up my Heisman list.

Now, like everyone’s Heisman list, it’s subject to change at any given moment with the craziness that is college football this season.  But hopefully, at some point, one of these men will step up and say “Hey, I want to win the Heisman Trophy.” and go out there and lead themselves to the Heisman ceremonies in NYC and their team’s to big time bowl games.


2 Responses to “Who Wants To Win The Heisman?”

  1. Doc Hancock said

    Condo, I think in my opinion the front runners are going to be Daniel and White because of the seasons their teams are having. I was surprised that Woodson and Brohm wasn’t up there, but still, it’s a great list.

  2. Condo said

    Woodson shot himself in the foot with his performance and the team’s performance versus Mississippi State. Brohm is having a good year, problem is his team is 5-4. The 5 guys ahead of him are just better at this point in the season and I hate to say that since I am a big Brohm supporter but the stats don’t lie.

    I think Dixon at this point in the voters’ eyes is probably the front runner, but we’ll see what happens throughout this last month or so of the season.

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