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You Can’t Tell Charlie Weis Anything

Posted by Ryne E. Hancock on November 5, 2007

Every time I play my friend Kenesha in pool, she always mentions to me that I act like I’m entitled to a win in pool because well, I’ve gotten better at pool since the beginning of the year.

“Why do you have to always be cocky?” she always asks me when we play.

The same question that my friend asks me constantly at the pool table could be also posed to Charlie “Fatty Boy” Weis, who is the portrait of the arrogance that is Notre Dame football – where he feels that his team should win National Championships because they’re Notre Dame.

That’s like telling me that I should marry Ms. Renetria because she’s a Pisces and I’m a Scorpio just because Pisceans and Scorpians have long-lasting relationships.

When Notre Dame fired Ty Willingham, the main reasonwas because Willingham couldn’t recruit and if you looked at the rankings of the Notre Dame recruiting classes between 2002 and 2004, none were ranked in the Top 25 in various recruiting publications.

But despite the fact that the Fighting Irish didn’t have a blue-chipper playing in Notre Dame Stadium on Saturdays, Notre Dame went to two Bowl games in Ty’s three seasons and Brady Quinn emerged as one of the country’s best quarterbacks.

And instead of doing business the same way they’ve done it for most of the 20th century  -by keeping their coaches around for at least five years – they decide to push Willingham out and bring in someone from the “Cradle of Arrogance” that is the New England Patriots: Charlie Weis.  A coach who had this explosive offense that was hotter than that random hottie in the Bryce Student Center at school.

But Notre Dame ahd to find out that later on that the offense that Weis had bragged so much about was just your typical college offense, just a little more emphasis on the passing attack.

In 2005, when the Fighting Irish had their annual showdown with Michigan State, Weis allegedly said at the pregame pep rally, “I’ll be looking for you at 5:40 when we’re 5-0.”

Something that former Spartan coach John L. Smith used as locker-room motivation to fire up the troops.

And to add to Weis’ comment, the “Megaphone Trophy”, which has been the trophy given to the winner of the Michigan State-Notre Dame game since 1948, was nowhere to be found in the confines of Notre Dame Stadium, because as some people believe to this day, the Irish knew for a fact that they were going to beat the Spartans so they felt no reason to bring it.

But what happened in the end was the planting of the Michigan State flag in midfield at Notre Dame Stadium – a response to Notre Dame not bringing the trophy to the game.

In the summer of 2006, Weis would say to a bunch of boosters that the Irish would not lose again to the Michigan State Spartans while he was head coach.

This coming after saying publicly that the only people he speaks to during the summer are his wife and children which is shocking because, for the most part, college coaches are making the rounds on recruiting trips and speaking engagements.

So there’s no real truth to that statement.

Because of God’s grace (not Grace Givens or Walker) the Irish came all the way back in the 2006 edition of the rivalry and won back the trophy, which resulted in the legendary rant made by Detroit talk-show host Mike Valenti.

Fast-forward to now, as Notre Dame is primed for their worst season in almost 50 years.

After the Irish lost to a then-struggling Michigan team, Weis said that the team was going back to training camp to get ready for their matchup with Michigan State. Although the training camp produced the first offensive touchdowns for the Irish in the 2007 football season, it still didn’t equate to what Weis said back in 2006 about Michigan State and never losing to them again.  The Spartans went on to win their sixth straight in South Bend, something that has never happened before for an opponent in Notre Dame Stadium.

And then after last night’s loss to Navy, which ended 44 years of futility for the Midshipmen, Weis said that he didn’t care about the streak.

“These kids only care about one streak, the streak of losses that they have at home,” he said.

How nice.

You make blatant coaching mistakes and instead of taking the blame for what could have been a turning point in your season, you decide to show your true colors by dismissing the fact that Navy came into your house and kicked tail.

When will you, as my friend Kenesha would probably say to Coach Weis if she played him in pool, stop being cocky and face the cold hard truth about the state of your program?


No one’s looking for a quick fix right now in South Bend, but when will you, Coach Weis, molder of men, shaper of all whom you survey, come to your senses?

Probably after the Duke game?

Or maybe when you’re in front of someone’s house begging for change?

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