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Monday Morning Wake Up Call

Posted by Matt on November 5, 2007


We have no idea why Cincinnati Bengals Defensive Coordinator Chuck Bresnahan is smiling in the above picture. Maybe it was taken before the entire western world knew just how bad the Bengals’ defense is or maybe the fat bastard is just eternally optimistic. Who knows.

What I do know is this: Bresnahan’s unit is the WORST Bengals defense that I can recall…ever…and I have effectively watched every game possible as far back as I can remember (I am 23 years old now).

What I also know is, in yesterday’s game, the Cincinnati Bengals gave up 33 points and 479 yards of total offense to a Buffalo Bills offense ranked 26th in the NFL in points scored and 32nd in yardage gained.  Before this demoralizing loss to the team from upstate New York, the Bengals’ defense ranked 31st in points allowed and 30th in yardage allowed and it remains to be seen if they’ll far further – as much as they as they’re already hovering at the bottom – with this poor performance against the Bills.

And when I say the WORST Bengals defense that I can remember, I say that with some degree of confidence.  The Bengals’ defense is on pace to relinquish 488 total points and 6,354 total yards this season, both of which would be franchise records – or lows, depending on how you see things.  But it gets worse: the 488 total points the Bengals are closing in on would be the third most in the history of the NFL!

Yes, one of the worst defenses indeed, a defense that made an inconsistent and, at times, abysmal J.P. Losman look like Johnny Unitas to go along with play that appears as if they haven’t practiced tackling moving targets all season long.

I have been calling for Chuck’s job on a silver platter for the majority of the 2007 campaign and with each additional loss Bengal Nation inches closer to a breaking point where change will inevitably have to occur.  That time is nearing and I recommend that Chuckie starts dusting off his resume and begins to keep on eye on the college ranks.  I hear Bill Callahan may be on his way out in Nebraska and they just got torched for 76 points by Kansas, surely Bresnahan can build a defense better than that…right?

OK, maybe not but enough is enough and it is time for a change in Cincinnati.

The question is, just how long will the Bengals wait to pull the trigger?  It needs to be soon.  Today is their wake up call, let’s hope they’re listening.

Thanks to for the statistics used in this column.


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