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72 First Quarter Points (Not A Typo)

Posted by Bob Swerski on November 2, 2007

What do you say to your team when you are winning 72-0 with 30 seconds left in the FIRST quarter of a football game? How about telling your players to fall down at the 5 yard line so they can set up the FG? How about that they are not going to pass?

All of which was said and done.

The Redmen from rural Kansas were playing in the high school state playoffs against Plainefield High School. They were 2-3 in the air with a touchdown pass, and they kicked a field goal 1st and goal from the 5. In the first quarter they had recovered 6 turnover (1 interception for a touchdown and 5 fumble recoveries). They only ran 15 plays in the quarter – which meant that they scored touchdowns on almost half the plays they ran – and converted all 9 of the 2 point attempts. They took out their offensive starters half way through the first quarter and their defensive starters at the end of the first half. This led to people questioning whether or not the starters were actually getting enough playing time to prepare for next weeks game. I kid you not, people actually asked the coach that question.

This might sound improbable, but their whole season is improbable. The Smith Center Redmen have yet to punt all year, they have yet to allow a touchdown all year, and their average margin of victory is 71-0 – which makes their total season score 640-0. If that wasn’t enough the school is currently on a 50 game win streak, which means they haven’t lost in something like 8 years.

My point? I don’t really have one. Maybe they should get stiffer competition? Who knows, because any team that can put up 72 points on another in 1 quarter shouldn’t be playing each other.

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