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Off Topic

Posted by Matt on October 23, 2007

I know this is off topic but I figured any loyalists were at least owed an explanation as to why T.N.B. just isn’t what it has been anymore.  I am dealing with a lot of important situations right now and I am actually in the process of moving and that is why we haven’t been “on our game.”

That being said, I appreciate all of the regulars, and especially any newcomers, that have been an intricate part of our recent success.  All that I can say to you all is: Don’t give up on us. 

Doc will be here to get you all through the week and here real shortly things will pick right back up where we left off.

In the meantime, head over to the “Sports Bar” and/or “Gamecock Sports Forum” to discuss all kinds of sports topics and participate in the ‘pick ’ems’ and prediction threads they have going on.

The World Series starts tomorrow, the college basketball (see: Kentucky) season starts a week from tomorrow (exhibition) so things will be picking back up.

Maybe we will even get Condo to drop his analysis on the World Series before it is all said and done.

Again, I appreciate the support and stick with us as we’ll be full steam ahead again REAL soon.



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