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What Can Brittanee McCaster Teach Us About The College Football Season?

Posted by Ryne E. Hancock on October 22, 2007

A few weeks ago on the day that classes were dismissed for the Fall Break at Crichton College, one of the biggest upsets ever recorded in pool on North Highland Street occurred without the voice of Thom Brenneman doing the play-by-play.  My friend Brittanee, in front of a packed Bryce Student Center and inches away from that random hottie who always seemed to catch my eye, beat me in pool.

And for the remainder of that day, I had to answer questions from everyone around me about how in the name of Jeanette Lee did I manage to choke away a game to a person I should have easily beaten.

And much like the questions that I fielded after that loss, every college football expert around the country is trying to figure how almost every weekend, so far this season, we manage to have what I call a “Brittanee McCaster moment” in college football.

Teams that are supposed to be nothing more than guaranteed wins for the Michigans and Ohio States of the world are doing the same thing my friend did to me on that sunny and warm Friday afternoon in the friendly confines of the Bryce Student Center — shocking the world of college football.

On yesterday afternoon, Vanderbilt came into Williams-Brice Stadium to play a South Carolina team with its highest ranking in over two decades and a shot to put themselves in the driver’s seat for the SEC East title while Vanderbilt was trying to do the same thing that they’ve tried to do for the last quarter-century, inch closer to being bowl eligible.

Instead of the Gamecocks cruising to an easy win, the Commodores would pull off the upset and turn the SEC East into something that could easily be the biggest bowl of confusion since a sports blogger liked two different girls in two different cities at the same time and, in the process, gave the Commodores a chance to win their first SEC Championship of any kind in football.

At the Rose Bowl, a Cal team who seemed to be headed towards a showdown with USC with the Oregon State loss as their only blemish on their season, saw their Rose Bowl chances take another hit as they lost to what is still a pretty good UCLA team while making Oregon the team that controls their own destiny as we approach the final weekend of October in the Pac-10.

And on a smaller scale, the game that could be easily compared to what happened three weeks ago is North Dakota State, a school that won’t be reaping the benefits of membership in the FCS until next year, defeating a God-awful Minnesota team in the Metrodome, bringing the whole idea of divide and conquer between the FBS and FCS to a new low..

The thing is this, guaranteed wins, whether it comes in pool or college football, are becoming a lost art in the world of sports.

We no longer have to think, as college football fans, that beating Appy State or Indiana State is like filling up on cheesecake (or giving a lovely lass a homemade one for their birthday or because they’re cute) while preparing for the real tests we have to take against Florida, LSU, or Georgia.

Because as someone once said, it’s why you play the game.

Just ask Brittanee McCaster.


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