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Joe Torre Did The Right Thing

Posted by Ryne E. Hancock on October 19, 2007

A long time ago, during the time that this blog you are reading now was building its fan base and reputation as the fastest growing blog in the Southeast, I was in a weird church where it seemed like they had all these rules that had nothing to do with the Bible.

And in the end, after returning from vacation and to the blog, I decided to walk away on my terms and move on with my life.

The same thing could be said about the decision that Joe Torre made on Thursday afternoon when he declined to sign a one-year contract that would have paid him $5 million, plus $3 million in bonus money should the Yankees make the playoffs or better yet, win the World Series in 2008, ending an era that probably rivaled the Casey Stengel-led teams of the 1950’s with the 13 consecutive postseason appearances and nine straight Division Championships, as well as four World Series titles in five years.

Let’s all be honest, prior to his stop in the Bronx, Torre was only known to some as a run-of-the-mill manager in the National League with limited success, most notably a postseason appearance in 1982 with the Atlanta Braves and a second place finish with the Cardinals in 1993.

And to many, putting Torre in charge of the most successful baseball franchise in history was like putting that crazy girl from the student center at my school in charge of the Memphis Grizzlies.

But because of his demeanor, and the fact that the Yankees have the highest payroll in baseball, he won over the hearts of the Yankee faithful and proved all of his naysayers wrong.

And instead of being fired in the tradition of Showalter, Martin (five times), Berra, and other Yankee managers under Steinbrenner, Torre did something that was similar to my situation back in August with the church.

He took the money and left on his own terms.

And instead of worrying about the wrath of Steinbrenner, the only thing he needs to worry about now is being the best father and grandfather he can be to his children.

And leave the baseball business up to the baseball people.


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