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Really, The Memphis Football Program Sucks

Posted by Ryne E. Hancock on October 17, 2007

Ever since DeAngelo Williams ran his last yard for the Tigers in the Motor City Bowl, the Tiger football program has been in a constant free fall towards being as pointless as those flyers that are placed in people’s windshields.

For starters, Tommy West, whose word you have to take with a grain of salt these days, said publicly in Williams’ final season, “We are preparing for life after DeAngelo.”

And although Joe Doss has done well by taking over the starting job at running back and could very well be among the career leaders in rushing before this season is out at the University of Memphis, the sad part of the post-DeAngelo era is not the dismal record of the football team, it’s the piss-poor recruiting that West has done since DeAngelo left and the constant lying he’s done to Tiger fans.

According to a recent interview that was done on the local Chris Vernon Show on ESPN 730, insider Keith Easterwood, who I remembered well from my trips out to Bolton and Bartlett during my time in high school to cover football games, said himself that the staff at the University’s football staff doesn’t return phone calls to high school coaches in the city or, for that matter, visit the schools to see who’s capable of being a part of the rebuilding process.

Which is something that any right-thinking coach who doesn’t want to play in front of 10,000 fans supposed to do if he wants to return to relevance in football.

Outside of CBHS and MUS, many local coaches that have that one kid that the Tigers need for their rebuilding project miss out because of the lack of communication the staff has with the other high schools in town.

Which is odd because a few high school teams in Memphis are coached by former Tigers, most notably at Kingsbury High in the northern part of the city by Duron Sutton, who is in a fight of their own to make the Region 8-4A playoffs as we speak and probably could have several players that could help out the Tigers in the coming years.

But does the football staff know anything about them?


At Bolton High School in Arlington, you have guys like Tony Lee, who I remembered from my days as a sports columnist at the North Shelby Times, that could be a wide receiver’s nightmare if they put him at defensive back, free safety, or cornerback.

But from what I was told earlier this year by his cousin, schools like Arkansas are considering his services.

Not Memphis.

When you look at what happened in Saturday’s game against Middle Tennessee, you might as well called it Middle Tennessee against some piss-poor high school team in an area of the state that doesn’t have Internet connection because the Tigers just didn’t belong on the same field much less same classification of football with a team that could be contending for another Sun Belt championship in 2008 after losing most of their starters from last season’s championship team.

No matter how you slice it, the lack of communication and networking by the Tigers’ football staff and the mass influx of kids leaving for bigger and better opportunites is a big reason why this football program is in the shape it’s in now.

You can’t blame the loss of DeAngelo or some football malady on everything that is wrong with the program.

You just can’t.

All you can do is take a good look in the mirror and see for yourself who should be blamed for this mess.

One Response to “Really, The Memphis Football Program Sucks”

  1. Just2Cocky said

    If EVER you wanted a win over Memphis…..NOW is the time.

    I agree…..they are bad. Not Temple or Buffalo bad, but still in the bottom 20 in all the land.

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