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A Season That Will Live In Infamy – By Ben of BCSBusters

Posted by Matt on October 17, 2007

Editor’s Note: Below is a selected portion of the aforementioned article, to read the rest of the article click here.

“Weekend Recap – The Top Games to Review”

43 LSU-Helmit.gif37

I thought last Saturday’s celebration by the LSU’s fan base was a bit excessive, especially considering this miraculously-zany and unbelievable college football season thus far is just now entering the early minutes of the third quarter…the teams have really only recently emerged from the locker room, where the best coaches in the nation are just now beginning to recognize the identity of their own team and frantically making adjustments.

When the stadium announcer in Baton Rouge thundered the words Stanford 24 – USC 23 across Death Valley last weekend, red flags began to fly inside my BCSBusters mindset.

Hyperbolic phrases like “Be Careful, Hold Your Mud or Focus on the Present,” certainly came to the forefront. Although Cal coach Jeff Tedford heeded those words as he was heading into the locker room leading Giant Killer Oregon State 14-13 (as he too learned of Kentucky’s upset) the Bears suffered the same fate as #1 LSU – which is the first time since 1996 that #1 & #2 had fallen on the same day.

Given that the Top-10 oligarchies continue to crumble, who would step in to claim the latest pole position in college football? Certainly not Missouri, Cincinnati or UCONN – five more undefeated’s fell yet again, making the last three weekends the most infamous in college football history!

Please don’t console Les Miles and Jeff Tedford, because this is just the latest trend in an already volatile college football stock market, which is definitely heading in a bearish direction. BCS administrators be warned, the leaks in the dam will lead to a flood of controversy this coming December.

I wondered aloud last week if the hysterical celebration by Tiger Nation was an ominously bad omen, especially considering the mighty Gators quickly quieted the festive crowd with a convincing four play drive to take a commanding 10 point lead entering the early stages of the 4th quarter.

Yes, the Tigers did come back to win the game – one of the greatest games I’ve witnessed certainly within the last decade, but given the slew of shockers which have occurred just inside the framework of this season alone – someone forgot to wake up Tiger Nation, or at least provide some coffee breaks to sober up the alcoholic frenzy taking place on campus – for the throng of fans failed to comprehend that the LSU-Florida tilt was just a mid-term exam and that there would be other test and quizzes on the BCS horizon.

In what has been tabbed “The Year of the Upset,” it would be wise for all Fan Nations to hold their mud and actually act as if you’ve been in a championship race before, savoring the true dog-pile celebration for the end of the season. Who knows what is going to happen next week, given the recent surge from the upstarts located in Boulder, Tampa, Corvallis, Palo Alto, Lexington and Boston?

Most of the pundits, as well as some over-zealous fans, have claimed that LSU has “CLEARLY” been the most dominating team on the collegiate grid iron this season – the best team in the country.

I cautioned many last week that the Tigers were beginning to show the same signs of frailty that USC has shown of late, considering they barely led Tulane 10-9 at the half two weeks ago, and last week trailed the Gators for 58 and a half minutes before winning in the final moments.

So what can we take from this week, in the aftermath of yet another amazing upset by yet another upstart program? How about the fact that this upset, as well as many others which have already occurred was no fluke, and the same people who dissed Kentucky as a clear and present Top-10, for a rather inauspiciously foggy Top-15 program, need to re-evaluate their polling criteria and poll ranking formula’s in determining college football’s elite, for they are just as applicable when considering South Florida, Kansas, Cincinnati, Boston College and Arizona State!

Mark it down – this was no fluke…the Cats got LSU’s best effort on the road, and still survived, even amid their own miscues…Kentucky could have played a better game as well, so it isn’t like Rich Brooks squad played completely out of their minds. It isn’t a stretch that Colorado beat Oklahoma, and although Lee Corso (most definitely grandstanding to Sooner Nation) claims that the Boomer-Sooners simply fell asleep in attributing the loss to the Buffalo’s, Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops has an inkling that the Sooners have yet to hit their stride, and may not in fact be as highly regarded as many would assume.

Stay tuned ladies and gentlemen, the season is really just starting to heat up and the controversy will be ready to boil over due to the media’s insurgent demands that the best teams in the nation are still those with a commanding branding identity, for the BCS participants still has to satisfy television’s un-quenching thirst for greater advertising revenue, which are hopelessly tied to the Nielsen Ratings.

Stewart Mandel of Sports Illustrated is already drumming against the rise of parity , supporting the notion that it’s recent rise may actually be bad for the sport – could you imagine a Boston College – Kansas national championship event? Or how about Oregon and South Florida? SEC Nation and the Big-10 Network wouldn’t stand for that now would they, for how would they continue to fleece millions from unsuspecting fans in building up a paper champion?


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