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Reds’ Fans, Prepare For Three Years Of Hell

Posted by Bob Swerski on October 15, 2007


^”If you wanna crown ’em then crown their asses!”

The Cincinnati Reds signed manager Dusty Baker to a three year deal this weekend, which will extend their history of pathetic managers to 1 trillion.  Dusty Baker almost single handedly ran the Cubs organization into the ground by overusing players, and over pitching young pitchers, which would lead them to career threatening and life altering injuries.  This coupled with one of the worst managing ordeals in post season history makes me wonder: “Why take Dusty Baker out of the T.V. booth and back into a dugout?”

Mark my words, young Reds pitchers such as Homer Bailey will have arm and shoulder problems their entire career directly due to overuse from Dusty Baker.  I just don’t see this acquisition helping a young team like the Reds at all.  Dusty will only be an overpaid, overhyped manager which will end up being ran out of town by Reds fans all over Southern Ohio. 

I got some advice for you: “Save your money and go get someone who will end the Reds’ draught and not continue this plight…”


3 Responses to “Reds’ Fans, Prepare For Three Years Of Hell”

  1. Just2Cocky said

    I’m not necessarily disagreeing, but I’m not seeing what you are seeing either. Perhaps you could elaborate a bit more….?

  2. sorry, I was pretty tired when I wrote the article above, but I will elaborate a bit here. First of all, I find it hard to believe that Prior and Wood’s arm troubles are both the fault of their own. I find that young pitchers are being way over pitched nowadays by managers which lead to them struggling throughout their careers (ie. Liriano in Minnesota).

    Also, Dusty almost single handedly lost the Cubs a World Series birth in 2003. After the “Bartman incident” it was Dusty’s job to come out, calm the team, and finish off the game strong. Instead, he sat there on the bench and watched the Cubs give up 8 runs in an inning to blow the game. After a lack-luster performance in game 7 I was sold on Dusty not being a premiere manager in MLB.

    Whether it be the Giants in 2000 or the Cubs in the following few years, Dusty Baker has been able to hold teams together to win important games. This combined with the lack of talent on the Reds will lead to a complete meltdown by the middle of 2009.

  3. Just2Cocky said

    OK….I can see where you’re coming from.

    I agree…..some good points you have there.

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