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Kentucky 7th In First BCS Standings

Posted by Matt on October 14, 2007


My Kentucky Wildcats have played themselves back in to the Top 10 in at least the AP Poll and now also find themselves in the Top 10 in the first release of the BCS Standings of the season in the 7th position.  This is unbelievable to a lot of people, a fact that was cemented even more with a win over #1 LSU yesterday in triple overtime.  If anyone would’ve told anyone else that Kentucky would be 7th in the BCS Standings after half of a season nobody would’ve been a believer.

But believe it.  Believe it because Rich Brooks and the Kentucky Wildcats have always been believers.  Believers to the point that the motto for the past two seasons has been, simply, “Believe”— Believe In Blue, Believe In Loyalty, Believe In Gatorade Baths, etcetera.

With this win, it is now being said that ESPN’s College Gameday will be in Lexington, Kentucky for football for the first time ever, meaning we will have had a College Gameday in both basketball and football in the same calendar year. My personal poster board sign for the festivities:

“Basketball team?  What basketball team?” — no offense to Bill Clyde and Company and kudos for a very nice Big Blue Madness Friday night, by the way.

And just a friendly reminder to all of those in internet land, my preseason prediction of 8-4 for the Kentucky Wildcats, a prediction that caught some minor disagreement, may in fact be an understatement.  How sweet is that?


Here is the link for the current BCS Standings:


This article on is hilarious to me — burning couches and 22 arrests, you have to love victory:


5 Responses to “Kentucky 7th In First BCS Standings”

  1. Steven said

    A very well deserved 7th right behind my Gamecocks. ;-)

    This has certainly been a very special season for both our teams…… I think Kentucky will continue winning, but I am a little concerned about my Gamecocks right now.

  2. Matt said

    Yeah, well put. USC beat Kentucky and played an LSU team tough that Kentucky barely beat — I’d say the standings are pretty fair in that regard.

    It has been a special season, I think USC will be fine but Kentucky will come out bruised from this LSU victory, however I am going to enjoy this one for the week and worry about Florida on Friday.

  3. Just2Cocky said

    I think Rich Brooks is National Coach of the Year at this point.

  4. Matt said

    Thanks for all the comments, J2C…and I agree at this point.

    Keep the momentum going and hopefully he’ll lock it up.

    Brian Kelly of Cincinnati could also be a contender…

  5. JBall said

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