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Kentucky vs. LSU Preview

Posted by Matt on October 13, 2007


The “Bayou Bengals” make their way in to Commonwealth Stadium, in the great city of Lexington, Kentucky, as the Nation’s #1 team to face my Kentucky Wildcats, a team currently ranked #17. This game undoubtedly pits Kentucky’s explosive offense versus LSU’s stifling defense. LSU ranks 1st in total defense in the Nation, only giving up 197.8 yards per game and ranks 2nd in points allowed in the Nation, only yielding 9.3 points per game. The Tigers also rank 1st in the SEC in completions per game allowed, only allowing 12.3 passes per game to be completed by the opposing team’s quarterback – all numbers that are almost mind blowing.

On the other side of the ball, the Tigers aren’t nearly as impressive — a tough task — but they’re no slouch either. The LSU offense is just 33rd in total offense (446.3 y.p.g.) and only 78th in total passing offense (219 y.p.g.), while being 12th in rushing yards (227.3 y.p.g.) and 16th in total points scored ( 37.8 p.p.g.). All numbers that, with a defense that is that superior to all other teams’, can only result in a very outstanding football squad.

On Kentucky’s side of the field, head coach Rich Brooks brings his 5-1 Wildcat squad in to the game with the 11th ranked team in total offense (491 y.p.g.), the 31st ranked team in passing offense (278.5 y.p.g.), the 17th ranked team in rushing offense (212.5 y.p.g.), and the 8th ranked team in total points scored (42.7 p.p.g.). The Wildcats are most certainly known for having an explosive offense, but their offensive line had a hard time containing the speedy rushers of South Carolina and will no doubt have their hands full with Tyson Jackson, Marlon Favorite, and uber-stud Glen Dorsey on LSU’s defensive front.

Matt’s Keys To The Game:

  • Kentucky isn’t known for having a shut-down defense and that isn’t a fact that is going to change in a week’s time, — even from the extended break afforded to the ‘Cats from their Thursday night showdown with South Carolina — so Kentucky must do their best to continue to play their “bend-but-don’t-break” style of defense, a style that at least had them in mild contention late in the game against South Carolina despite four turnovers.
  • Turnovers.  You can’t expect to turn the ball over 4 times on the road in the SEC and win, as Kentucky did against South Carolina.  This can especially be said for the #1 team in the Nation regardless if the game is at home.  Ball security is a complete requirement if the Wildcats would like to give themselves a chance to win late in the 3rd quarter or early in the 4th.
  • Controlling the line of scrimmage.  With Glen Dorsey and Company this is going to be an incredibly tough task.  Give Woodson time in the pocket and I think it helps take care of the two aforementioned “Keys” by allowing Andre’ to make smart passes while also keeping the offense on the field and the defense off of the field.  Allow the offense time to get a good rhythm going and Kentucky may just put up some points, allow Dorsey to cause a few quick 3-and-outs and it will be a long day for Rich Brooks’ squad.

Matt’s Blueprint For Success:

Kentucky needs to try to score early to help get the crowd in to the game quickly while LSU is on offense.  The Kentucky offense should only expect to be able to have time to complete short, quick-release and well-timed pass patterns with the defensive line that LSU brings to the game.  Hopefully this will gradually open up the defense for longer pass plays as they begin to “cheat up.”  Get down early and the crowd is out of the game and Woodson is expected to make big plays with his arm when he really doesn’t have the time in the pocket to do so.  Go in to Halftime with what seems like the ability to win the ball game and you have yourself an inspired team. 

Prediction: That’s why they play the games on the field! ;)


6 Responses to “Kentucky vs. LSU Preview”

  1. My guess is Kentucky will give LSU a scare but their defense won’t hold up in the game. LSU 34 Kentucky 30

  2. The General said

    ps: once again i imagine matt is too drunk to post an update…but for you doubters, UK won.

  3. The General said

    apparently i booed myself. i will take the critism and move on…GO CATS

  4. The General said

    i can also travel through time

  5. The General said

    you are booed sir…booed more than lee corso.

  6. Steven said

    Congrats to Kentucky…. it makes the USC win over them look that much more impressive as USC rises in the polls!

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