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Travis Johnson Taunts The Unconcious Because He Can

Posted by Matt on October 10, 2007


Travis Johnson will now, and until further notice, be best known for taunting Trent Green’s lifeless body while he was laying eerily on the turf.  Say what you want about the hit being malicious, I don’t think Trent Green ever had thoughts of maliciousness running through his scrambled brains when he laid down that block on Sunday.  In fact, for a guy that doesn’t get paid, or trained for that matter, to block 320+ pound defensive linemen, I think it is safe to say that this is was what was running through his head:

“Holy shit, what the hell am I thinking?”

That being said, I waited to speak on this issue until after the No Fun League made their decision, and today they did just that.  What will happen to Johnson, you ask?


That’s right, with a commissioner that jumps at every opportunity to shit on a player’s season and is all over every chance to crush a Bengals’ fan’s hopes of a winning season (OK, the fact that 20% of the team are public offenders may not help either), I cannot believe that Johnson’s taunts garnered not even as much as a fine.

For a league that fines Chad Johnson for every crowd pleasing, non-malicious antic, when it is well documented that it is all in good fun, I feel that a ‘no call’ here is a complete disservice to many.

What kind of message is the NFL trying to send?

Simple.  If you’re the biggest guy on the field, you can do whatever the hell you want.

7 Responses to “Travis Johnson Taunts The Unconcious Because He Can”

  1. Matt, you and I tend to agree on alot, but not on this issue. I take very little exception in the actual on field taunting because it was in the heat of the moment and it was a malicious hit whether the intent was there or not. This could have easily ended both of their careers and Travis Johnson acted that way on the field. I take more exception with his continued barrage after the game. There has to come a point where he cools down and acts like an adult instead of a whiny assbag. On a seperate note, if the QB isn’t trained to block and blah blah blah then he shouldn’t do it. There is no excuse for a blind cut block to the knees whether it be a QB, a fullback, or anyone on the field. If you can’t train a QB to block accordingly then he shouldn’t be involved in the play. That would be like sending your kicker down to cover punts and then when he facemaskes someone severly saying “well its ok because he isn’t trained to tackle.”

  2. Matt said

    My point is, he was taunting and was doing so fairly enthusiastically even when he saw Green down and even when a teammate tried to direct him towards the sidelines.

    Furthermore, he continued his antics after the game…”At 12:01 I respected Trent Green, at 12:36…FUCK Trent Green.” And the NFL does nothing.

    Chad Johnson puts a “Future H.O.F.” jacket on ON THE SIDELINES and gets fined $10,000. Which was more entertaining? C.J.’s jacket or T.J.’s taunts? Which sends the worse message? Listen, when a punter is just trotting down the field on coverage, defenders take pleasure in JACKING HIM UP. Helmet-to-chin, etcetera…

    I am not saying Trent Green was necessarily right, but I don’t think he was trying to fuck up that badly. But fine them both then if his hit was malicious. I am not condoning Green but condemning Johnson. The NFL DESPISES taunting, there should be made ZERO exception for “heat of the moment taunting.”

    That’d be like me taking the early-bird home to find my wife cheating on me, I kill said man “in the heat of the moment” and then get off scott-free for that reason. I should still get some sort of punishment, maybe not the full because of the circumstances, but something.

  3. Matt said

    And after rereading my piece, I think it was more of a shot on the NFL…

  4. That comment he made was evidence enough to fine him. I bet if it was Chad Johnson or T.O., fines would have been issued. But since no one cares about the Texans, it’s all swept under the rug.

  5. Just2Cocky said

    “Chad Johnson puts a “Future H.O.F.” jacket on ON THE SIDELINES and gets fined $10,000. Which was more entertaining? C.J.’s jacket or T.J.’s taunts? Which sends the worse message?”

    Good logic….and Ocho Cinco is more entertaining by far.

    No Fun League indeed.

  6. The General said

    ps: people have used that defense for killing a spouse and gotten off for it. a congressman shot and killed a reporter for saying his wife cheated on him more than a 100 yrs ago and got away with it for saying he had insulted him. so crazy shit happens when “someone’s got it coming…”

  7. Back in 1907 in Nashville, Tennessean founder and editor Edward Carmak was shot dead in a duel in the streets of Nashville by then-Governor Patterson’s bodyguards. The men who shot him was pardoned by the governor.

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