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Doc’s Top 25 – Fall Break Week

Posted by Ryne E. Hancock on October 9, 2007

With this being Fall Break at Crichton and no papers for me until the week of my birthday, I finally get a chance to regroup and focus my energy on the Top 25 for the week of October 7th. I apologize for the mental lapses from the last two weeks.

We say goodbye to Kansas State, whose stay in my Top 25 was almost like my attempt to pursue that random hottie I saw all the time that could probably strike me out on three pitches, short and sweet.

And hello to the boys from Lawrence because of their win over the Wildcats this weekend in Manhattan.

1. Louisana State (6-0) After using the grace of God to knock down an upset bid by the Gators, the Tigers are again at the top of my poll this week. Problem is, they’ll be returning to Lexington for their first visit since “The Bluegrass Miracle” in 2002.

Next Game: @ Kentucky Sat.

2. California (5-0) Just because the Trojans lost to Stanford, it doesn’t change a thing for the folks in Berkley. They still have to circle the date when the Trojans come a calling to Berkley to determine who will be smelling roses or cow fertilizer.

Next Game: vs. Oregon State Sat.

3. Ohio State (6-0) Raise your hand if you thought for one second the Buckeyes were going to be this good without much of their stars from last season.

Next Game: vs. Kent State Sat.

4. Boston College (6-0) Dear Coach O’Brien: Everything’s great in Boston. The Sox are winning, we got Kevin Garnett, the Pats are cheating to win, and we’re undefeated. Wish you were here but you’re in Raleigh, North Carolina. Sincerely, Boston College.

Next Game: vs. Notre Dame Sat.

5. South Carolina (5-1) The other “USC” is ranked higher than the USC in L.A. Must be a sign of the times.

Next Game: vs. North Carolina Sat.

6. South Florida (5-0) Bulls don’t need to sleepwalk through another cheesecake opponent. Especially against a team who gave the Longhorns a scare in the first game in their new home.

Next Game: vs. Central Florida Sat.

7. Oklahoma (5-1) Saturday’s Red River Shootout gave two teams a chance to take out their aggression on each other and a shot into their national championship hopes. Apparently, the Sooners used their pent-up feelings and took it out on a reeling Longhorns team.

Next Game: vs. Missouri Sat.

8. USC (4-1) The Trojans get the inagural “Brittanee McCaster Award” this week for their loss against the Stanford Cardinal that put an end to their 35-game winning streak at home. Of course, unlike a certain columnist’s loss to a girl in pool, they have a shot at redemption if they want to play for the national championship instead of ridicule from the girl’s cousin.

Next Game: vs. Arizona Sat.

9. West Virginia (5-1) What does one person do after losing to South Florida and putting a dent into their National Championship hopes? Run up the score on Syracuse.

Next Game: vs. Mississippi State October 20th

10. Missouri (5-0) For my boys in the black and gold, the 41 points hung on the Cornhuskers was impressive. But we have to head to Norman and try to put a dent in the Sooners’ faint national championship hopes.

Next Game: @ Oklahoma Sat.

11. Va. Tech (5-1) Years ago when Harry Caray was calling Cardinal games on KMOX, he used to have this saying about the Cardinals, “The Cardinals are coming…..tra-a-la……..” You could use that same phrase for the Hokies.

Next Game: @ Duke Sat.

12. Kentucky (5-1) Time to make some more history when the Bayou Bengals come to town.

Next Game: vs. LSU Sat.

13. Cincinnati (6-0) With all the craziness this season in college football, could the Bearcats make a run at the BCS? Maybe so.

Next Game: vs. Louisville Sat.

14. Illinois (5-1) Yes, Virginia, the Illini are tied for first in the Big Ten with Ohio State and yes, they still have to play them.

Next Game: vs. Iowa Sat.

15. Wisconsin (5-1) I said last week with the way the Badgers had been playing, it was going to be a matter of time when someone would catch them napping. You can hold your applause until now.

Next Game: @ Penn State Sat.

16. Arizona State (6-0) Dennis Erickson needs to be coach of the year with the job he’s done in Tempe.

Next Game: vs. Washington Sat.

17. Florida State (4-1) This might be the best time for the ‘Noles to come back and make a run at the ACC title with a wide-open race. That is, if they don’t run into the clean and winning program from Boston.

Next Game: @ Wake Forest Sat.

18. Texas (4-2) Sluggish games against both Kansas State and Oklahoma sets the Longhorns up against an Iowa State team that has really struggled so far this season.

Next Game: @ Iowa State Sat.

19. Florida(4-2) It’s OK, Gator fans, you already have a National Championship and Ron Zook is somewhere in the Midwest.

Next Game: @ Kentucky October 20th

20. Oregon (4-1) A week has passed since I made fun of the Ducks’ hideous jerseys. It’s time to make fun of them again.

Next Game: vs. Washington State Sat.

21. Purdue (5-1) It’s not a good thing when you have Ohio State and Michigan scheduled in back-to-back weeks. That’s like selling your soul to a hottie Cub fan in the middle of Southern Illinois.

Next Game: @ Michigan Sat.

22. Georgia  (4-2) So much for Mark Richt being the best road coach in the SEC. I’m surprised the Bulldogs wasn’t carried out in body bags after what the Vols did to them.

Next Game: @ Vanderbilt Sat.

23. Kansas (5-0) It’s October and folks in Lawrence are talking about football instead of basketball.

Next Game: vs. Baylor Sat.
24. Tennessee (3-2) Vols aren’t dead yet. There’s still plenty of season to go before we can make that claim.

Next Game: @ Mississippi State Sat.

25. Rutgers (3-2) Like West Virginia after their loss to Cincinnati, the Scarlet Knights get a chance to redeem themselves against the Syracuse Orange and hope that they don’t receive the “Brittanee McCaster Award” for losing to the Orange.

Next Game: @ Syracuse Sat.


4 Responses to “Doc’s Top 25 – Fall Break Week”

  1. Steven said

    I think your poll is pretty accurate this week considering what the various teams have been doing on te field.

    It sure looks funny seeing some of the teams we are used to being ranked not in the polls, but they don’t deserve to be at this point in time.

    I do think I would have Auburn somewhere around 25th though as they have went from looking like an SEC pasy to looking like a real contender.

  2. Just2Cocky said

    “4. Boston College (6-0) Dear Coach O’Brien: Everything’s great in Boston. The Sox are winning, we got Kevin Garnett, the Pats are cheating to win, and we’re undefeated. Wish you were here but you’re in Raleigh, North Carolina. Sincerely, Boston College.”

    That was awesome….LMAO.

  3. Just2Cocky said

    “12. Kentucky (5-1) Time to make some more history when the Bayou Bengals come to town.”

    That……would be something.

  4. Just2Cocky said

    By the way, how must it feel to be Missy State right about now?

    “Yeah, we’re hosting the team that just throttled Georgia, and then NEXT week we go to the team that just beat the living crap out of Syracuse, who we’re not sure we’re better than to begin with. In their back yard no less.”

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