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NCAA Power 10

Posted by Matt on October 8, 2007

“POWER 10”

1. Louisiana State (6-0): The Tigers survived a scare from the Florida Gators in yet another week of Top 25 demises. While some pollsters got off of the USC bandwagon last week, LSU will undoubtedly be the undisputed number one now and is on the fast track to the National Championship game.

2. California (6-0): The Golden Bears haven’t scored less than 31 points in any game this season, including 45 against the resurgent Tennessee Volunteers and 31 against the tough Oregon Ducks. November 10th is Cal’s date with destiny as they can knock USC off of the Pac 10 throne.

3. Ohio State (6-0): The Buckeyes are methodically going through their schedule like a blue-collar worker and their defense puts their hard hats on and goes to work each week, only yielding more than 7 points one time this season – including three straight games of giving up only 7 points each. You can make a case about their schedule being weak, but you can make that case for a lot of teams and, and without a Big Ten championship game, the Buckeyes are poised for yet another undefeated season.

4. Boston College (6-0): Boston College continues to just win in a land dominated by Red Sox, Patriots, and Celtics and are just fine with flying under the radar; their schedule is somewhat weak to this point but I think Matt Ryan is the real deal and will continue to prove it.

5. Oregon (4-1): The Ducks’ only loss was a close game against my #2 selection and they still did their best to make a game of that match-up. Oregon can put up points with nearly any team in the Nation and Dennis Dixon is a tough dual-threat quarterback. The Ducks couldn’t have had better timing for their bye week and they benefited greatly by everyone falling around them.

6. South Carolina (5-1): The Gamecocks are the real deal and I have been waiting for them to prove it ever since Lee Corso said that Steve Spurrier would never win an SEC Championship at South Carolina. South Carolina is young and deep with speed on the defensive line and a pass defense that is second to none. Their only loss came against #1 LSU and it was as close of a game the Tigers have had to date outside of the fight the Gators put up. The Gamecocks just get it done on a weekly basis and the time is nearing for Corso to eat crow (or Gamecock).

7. South Florida (5-0): South Florida and Cincinnati are shaping up to be the cream of the Big East crop, which may come as a surprise to some. Impressive wins over West Virginia and Auburn, a victory that improved when Auburn defeated Florida, are at the top of South Florida’s resume and the Bulls have quality talent on their team, emerging as a recruiting contender in the talent-laden land of Florida.

8. Oklahoma (5-1): I have liked the Sooners from the start of the season, however, they fell some after losing a tough one on the road by 3 against Colorado.  That being said, that is the only blemish on their resume to date and Oklahoma has the ability to put points on the board nearly on cue (50 points per game thanks to some “cupcakes” early).

9. Southern California (4-1): Of all of the one-loss teams left in the upper-echelon of college football, the Trojans’ loss to Stanford is likely the worst. Plagued by a rather weak schedule to date also doesn’t help their case — but hey, it’s USC, they’ll bounce back. Games against Oregon and California later this season will make, or break, Pete’s boys.

10. Cincinnati (6-0): The Bearcats are winning and doing so in impressive fashion averaging just over 43 points a game. Some felt that Rutgers would be Cincinnati’s first real test and they proved they could go on the road and play with the upper-tier teams of the Big East. Louisville beware, the Bearcats will likely beat you in Cincinnati next weekend.

Honorable Mention:

Virginia Tech (5-1): Just like the Gamecocks, Virginia Tech’s lone loss comes against the Nation’s unanimous #1, the only difference is that the Hokies didn’t keep it nearly as close (48-7). Tech is an up-and-down team and sometimes its uncertain which team will show up but, when on their game, the Hokies can play with anyone in the ACC.

On The Outside Looking In:

Wisconsin (5-1), Missouri (5-0), West Virginia (5-1), Florida (4-2), Kentucky (5-1: I had to do it!)


12 Responses to “NCAA Power 10”

  1. Brilliant piece, man……………I’ll be starting on the top 25 in a minute. I believe personally Illinois should be in the honorable mention after beating Penn State and Wisconsin and being in first place in the Big Ten. They don’t have Ohio State or Michigan for that matter on the schedule and they could win the Big Ten if the Buckeyes slip up.

  2. Condo said

    Doc… Illinois has Michigan on Oct. 20 at home and then Nov. 10 @ Ohio State. So they still could lose 2 or 3 games in conference. But give credit to the Zooksters, they’re definitely a team that’s up and coming and making the Big 10 look pretty good.

  3. Doc Hancock said

    Damn………….I got their schedule confused with Purdue or some other hick school lol. I know for a fact they could one or even both of those games and play in a New Year’s Day Bowl.

  4. Condo said

    lol, no problem I just knew OSU played them this season since I am a Buckeye fan and quite frankly want no part of them. I am scared to death of that game. But I was also scared to death of the Purdue game and that one came out ok, so we’ll see.

  5. Doc Hancock said

    Buckeyes was just outplaying the Boliers in every aspect. I think Illinois may be a bit of a challenge to the Buckeyes than the Boilers.

  6. Steve said

    I know your from Ohio Matt, but the Buckeyes 3? Heck, Florida could beat OSU–oh excuse me The Ohio State University for all the OSU fans.

  7. Condo said

    Steve, until someone beats the Buckeyes there’s absolutely ZERO reason to NOT have them at #3. Do I think they’re the 3rd best team in the nation? Probably not, but I’m not so sure Cal is the #2 team in the nation either.

    Let’s face it, the polls are out of whack thanks to the parity that appears to be in college football this season and until a playoff system is put in place there’s no real way to fix it.

  8. I agree, man. I once said to someone about the poll I run on here, it’s fair to everybody. For instance, the experts would vote Georgia out of the polls while I would probably place them somewhere between 18th and 25th.

  9. Steven said

    I will likely catch crap for this, but I always did think Zook got a raw deal at Florida.

    I think he is a heck of a coach.

    Nice article Matt. How long before the first BCS rankings come out?

  10. Matt said

    This Sunday, Tay…

    But I don’t know if they’ll take in to account all of Saturday’s action.

  11. Matt said

    Oh, and THANKS!! :)

  12. Doc Hancock said

    Steven, I have to agree with you on that. Zook was replacing Spurrier and instead of giving him a chance to get the program back into BCS contention, they decide to run him out of town. The guy was one of the best recruiters in the country and instead of being grateful for him, the people in Gainesville decided to run him out. I think in my honest opinion, he’s going to eventually win a Big 10 title before he is done in Champaign.

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