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The Cubs Fail To Execute: Drop Game 1

Posted by Bob Swerski on October 4, 2007


Well it is playoff baseball in Chicago, and the Cubs are back to their old ways of failing to execute and, in turn, losing a close ball game to the Arizona D-Bags. I was listening to 670 The Score and WGN 720 (two talk radio stations in Chicago) and was getting very frustrated by people calling in and complaining about Lou Piniella and Carlos Marmol.

Now you can’t point the finger at both of these people. There was no reason for Lou to take out Carlos Zambrano at the end of the 6th with only 85 pitches thrown. He was rolling over the D-Bags and that likely could have continued; but Marmol had a bad game giving up 2 runs in the 7th. I have a feeling that if Marmol played like he did all season, no one would have questioned Lou’s call.

However, it is the small things where the Cubs didn’t execute which lost us the game. It is getting back-to-back leadoff doubles by your 8 and 9 spot hitters and not having the pitcher or the lead off man bunt the runner over to third. I don’t care if the last time up the pitcher got a double, or if Soriano is a power hitter, wth no outs and a man on second you have to move that runner to third; especially when you are down by a run and your pitcher is at the plate. It seems almost ridiculous that you even let Carlos Zambrano swing away in that situation. Then it was twice where Ramirez and D-Lee decided to swing at 2 of the worst pitches of the night to strike out and both balls got by the catcher. Instead of hustling and running down to first and probably getting on base, they throw a hissy fit at themselves at the plate and then have no chance of making it.

Oh, and by the way, your top 3 hitters (Soriano, Lee, and Ramirez) can’t go a combined 1-13 either. Lets try to execute in tonight’s game because it is a must win.


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