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Doc’s Top 25 – Week 5

Posted by Ryne E. Hancock on October 3, 2007

1. Louisiana State (5-0) Note to LSU: Next time you decide to wear alternative jerseys, make sure they’re easy on the eyes.

Next Game: vs. Florida Sat.

2. Southern California (5-0) If Washington can give these guys a scare, expect to see the Trojans to possibly lose one of their four remaining road games this season.

Next Game: vs. Stanford Sat.

3. Ohio State (5-0) Wasn’t this supposed to be a rebuilding year for the Buckeyes? I guess not.

Next Game: @ Purdue Sat.

4. California (5-0) DeSean Jackson is the best wide receiver out. Why isn’t he on people’s Heisman lists?

Next Game: vs. Oregon State October 13th.

5. South Florida (4-0) Continues to be the best story of the year.

Next Game: @ Florida Atlantic Sat.

6. Wisconsin (5-0) If the Badgers keep playing sloppy in the fourth quarter, chances are that they’re going to fall out of the race for the Big Ten title.

Next Game: @ Illinois Sat.

7. Kentucky (5-0) Matt, I believe the Curse of Bear ends this year. Then again, I may have spoken too soon.

Next Game: @ South Carolina Thurs.

8. Florida (4-1) Hopefully we won’t see Tim Tebow and friends get carried out in body bags in Death Valley.

Next Game: @ LSU Sat.

9. Georgia (4-1) Beware, SEC East. The Bulldogs are fighting mad and they’re playing like it these days.

Next Game: @ Tennessee Sat.

10. Boston College (5-0) A clean, honest, and successful football team that doesn’t have to get an advantage through cheating.

Next Game: vs. Bowling Green Sat.

11. South Carolina (4-1) The over/under in points scored by the Gamecocks on Thursday is 23.

Next Game: vs. Kentucky Thurs.

12. Oklahoma (4-1) Wonder how The Daily Okie covered last weekend’s loss and how they’re going to react to a possible loss this weekend in Dallas.

Next Game: @ Texas in Dallas Sat.

13. West Virginia (4-1) Is there a suicide line for Mountaineer fans somewhere? Probably so.

Next Game: @ Syracuse Sat.

14. Texas (4-1) Losing to Kansas State for a second year in a row is better than losing to App. State. But I digress.

Next Game: vs. Oklahoma Sat. in Dallas.

15. Va. Tech (4-1) Best team no one’s talking about. Expect them to be a factor in the hunt for the ACC title at the end of the season.

Next Game: @ Clemson Sat.

16. Rutgers (3-1) Don’t panic, they’re going to bounce back. Then again, I might be wrong.

Next Game: vs. Cincinnati Sat.

17. Purdue (5-0) It’s time to step up, Boliers. Those damn Buckeyes are coming.

Next Game: vs. Ohio State Sat.

18. Clemson (4-1) It’s that time of year again. Clemson has high expectations and they begin their late September swoon. Maybe this picture will give us a reason why we should be grateful that Tommy Bowden is still coach.

Next Game: vs. Va. Tech Sat.

19. Missouri (5-0) Time to put up or shut up, Tigers.

Next Game: vs. Nebraska Sat.

20. Nebraska (4-1) : Ah yes, the Nebraska-Mizzou game. Wonder what type of cheating the Huskers will do this year.

Next Game: @ Missouri Sat.

21. Arizona State (5-0) Dennis Erickson has done it again.

Next Game: @ Washington State Sat.

22. Oregon (4-1) Bye week gives the Ducks time to regroup.

Next Game: vs. Washington State Sat.

23. Illinois (5-0) How many people picked the Illini to win over Penn State?

Next Game: vs. Wisconsin Sat.

24. Kansas State (3-1) Josh Freeman 2 Colt McCoy 0.

Next Game: vs. Kansas Sat.

25. Michigan State (4-1) You can’t win ’em all and the Doctor doesn’t always prescribe the best of the best, but hell, it’s better than having John L. around to make fun of.

Next Game: vs. Northwestern Sat.


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