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“T.N.B. Bengals” – Week 4

Posted by Matt on September 30, 2007

The T.N.B. Bengals have started the season strong at 2-0 and bring their squad, lead by Boomer Esiason, back home to face the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football.

Despite most pundits’ predictions that this would be a shoot-out, the Patriots and Bengals engaged in a shockingly defensive struggle in the 1st Half with the 1st Quarter score being just 3-0 in favor of the Bengals.  With both teams trading punts throughout, the Patriots and the Bengals went in to Halftime with the Bengals clinging to just a 6-0 lead.

The Patriots scored on a pass from Steve Grogan to Hartlee Dykes late in the 3rd Quarter, but after an impressive return by Stanford Jennings, Boomer Esiason and James Brooks lead the pass and run attack to quickly answer.  Steve Grogan hit a second different receiver for a touchdown in the 4th Quarter to go ahead 14-13 and the Patriots’ Special Teams pinned the Bengals deep on the ensuing kickoff.

After a defensive stand by the Patriots on 4th Down and a field goal on the following drive, the game was all but over.

Bengals 13

Patriots 17

A surprisingly defensively-oriented game saw Esiason throw for just 109 yard and Ickey Woods run for just 58 yards on 10 carries, while James Brooks scored the Bengals only touchdown.  For the Patriots, however, Steve Grogan hit two different receivers for touchdowns which was just enough to overcome the Bengals’ offensive attack.

Season Record: 2-1

If you’re unfamiliar with the segment “T.N.B. Bengals,” click here: “T.N.B. Bengals.”


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    Nice work putting the old Nintendo 8 bit graphic there at the top

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