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First Place In The SEC East

Posted by Matt on September 30, 2007

In case you were wondering…


…that’s what it looks like!

I am going to relish in the fact that, all week, KENTUCKY IS IN SOLE POSSESSION OF FIRST PLACE IN THE SEC EAST!


What We Learned On Saturday:

  • Kentucky is in first place in the SEC East (at least for now)
  • Florida is beatable (thankfully)
  • LSU is containable (slightly, and only for one Half)
  • Woodson is human (barely)
  • And these Top 15 teams fell to inferior opponents (or now superior, depending on how you view things):
  1. #3 Oklahoma – to Colorado
  2. #4 Florida – to Auburn
  3. #5 West Virginia – to #18 South Florida (Friday night)
  4. #7 Texas – to Kansas State
  5. #10 Rutgers – to Maryland
  6. #11 Oregon – to #6 California
  7. #13 Clemson – to Georgia Tech

All teams lower than #14 Kentucky if you go by the currently more favorable AP Poll.  What does that mean for the Wildcats?  Well, for one, they’ll likely be in the Top 11 as they’ll leapfrog at least Clemson, Oregon, and Rutgers — possibly in the Top 10 if Texas falls far enough — and secondly, this makes Thursday night’s Prime Time matchup with the Gamecocks this week at South Carolina a battle between two Top 12 SEC East teams for divisional supremacy.

I couldn’t like the sounds of that any more than I do right now and 5-0 through the month of September?  It doesn’t get much better than that.

But all that I can say is…



4 Responses to “First Place In The SEC East”

  1. kidal25 said

    Don’t worry, when it’s all said and done Florida will be going to Atlanta for another SEC championship. I have to tip my hat to Kentucky though. They used to be a homecoming type team but now there #1 in the eastern part of the best conference in America. Enjoy it while it lasts though Kentucky.

  2. Steve said

    I’m not so sure about Florida going to Atlanta Kidal25, with a road trip to LSU and a second loss looming they have a lot of work to do before they pack any bags for Catlanta.

  3. Just2Cocky said

    Florida already has an SEC loss and has a game with LSU this week…AND still has games left with Georgia, AT Kentucky and AT South Carolina. AWFULLY early to crown an East division champion, although if I were, Florida would not be my pick.

  4. Steven said

    FLA will not win the East this year.

    Kentucky leads the East, BUT they are the only team in the East to have only played ONE conference game. Not too hard to lead when you are doing it by being 1-0.

    IF Kentucky loses to USC on Thursday night (and it is not a given that they will win or lose that game, although I am pretty confident right now as a Gamecock fan), look how far they drop in the East by going from 1-0 to 1-1…. from 1st to tied for 4th just like that.

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