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Rex Grossman Sucks – Part 2

Posted by Bob Swerski on September 24, 2007


Rex Grossman’s passer rating in first 3 games: 45.2

Robbie Gould’s passer rating in first 3 games: 39.6

Thats right, after Robbie Gould went 0-1 last night in a fake field goal attempt, his passer rating is almost equal to Rex Grossman’s who is rocking it with 6 interceptions and only 1 touchdown pass (on a trick tackle eligible play from the 1 yard line). 

I can already hear the excuses coming in today’s media about how last night the Bears didn’t play well anywhere (which is true), and about all the dropped balls (which is also true),  but Rex Grossman doesn’t give the Bears a chance to win ball games which is the major problem. 

Not yet convinced?  Well how about the fact that Rex has thrown the same amount of touchdown passes to the opposing teams as he had to his own team.  Or maybe it is that he only has 500 yards throwing the ball to our team and he has 100 yards throwing the ball to the other team.  He has thrown 6 interceptions and only 1 touchdown. 

People who have completed more or equal to Rex Grossman’s touchdowns who aren’t starting quarterbacks: Kyle Boller, Kurt Warner, J.T. O’Sullivan, Kellen Clemens.  You probably have never even heard of the last 2, ’cause I sure as shit haven’t.

It’s time for Rex’s “gunslinger” approach to be benched in favor of Griese’s “I promise not to turn the ball over as much as Rex” approach.  I can pinpoint the exact moment when I knew it was time to replace Rex.  It was New Year’s Eve of last year and the Bears dropped a meaning less game to the Packers (if any game against the Packer’s is meaningless).  After the game he said, “Ya’, I felt like I was goin’ to play for a half, it was the last game, IT WAS NEW YEAR’S EVE.  There are so many other factors so I didn’t really concentrate.”  It is unbelieveable that a starting quarterback would feel that way let alone admit it to the media.  Enough with the excuses, enough with the turnovers, enough with Rex Grossman.


14 Responses to “Rex Grossman Sucks – Part 2”

  1. Daniel said

    I’ve been a Grossman supporter for longer than most, and now even I think they should at least give Griese half the snaps in practice, and let Grossman know that he’ll not get to do this again.

    I don’t think the Bears are good enough to have an adequate quarterback, but they sure as hell aren’t good enough to have a train wreck.

    Fair article; you bash Grossman, but you back your junk up.

  2. I guess he is playing better then Drew Brees…. HAHAHA New Orleans sucks

  3. slimslaby said

    Doesn’t anyone feel the least bit that maybe part of the blame should go to Lovie Smith ?

    He is the coach right ? Isn’t he supposed to know who’s capable of doing the best job for the team ? I’ve been calling for Grossman’s benching for quite some time now.

  4. raptorcox said

    Yeah, he at least did better than Drew last

  5. slimslaby said

    I’d say Drew is outperforming Grossman. Better completion percentage, better QB rating.
    Considering Dallas and San Diego’s pass defense are both ranked in the bottom 3rd of the league .

    I’d take Drew Brees in a heartbeat over Grossman. Has Brees ever managed a 0 QB rating in a full game of football ?

  6. Drew Brees sucks big time (not that Grossman doesn’t). Grossman has less attempts, less interceptions, the same amount of TD passes, and a higher yards per completion average. Brees has a slightly higher completion percentage, 177 more yards with 41 more pass attempts, and a rating of 57.1 compared to Grossman’s 45.2. Not exactly huge numbers over Grossman. If you look at the Career stats, Rex Grossman has a 70 QB rating compared to Drew Brees’s 86, not a DRASTIC difference. Drew Brees for the most part has been just as up and down as Grossman putting up big numbers some years (2001, 2004, and 2006) and abysmal numbers other years (2002, 2003, and so far in 2007).

  7. slimslaby said

    So do we declare a king of the midgets ?

    Grossman only put up big numbers when the gameplan against us was “Stop the run and you stop the bears”. Passing when the line is stacked with 8 men in the box opens up alot of passing opportunities. Once that gameplan changed, MVP Rex left the building. Smoke and mirrors my friend.

    I’d take the Drew Brees of any of the last 3 seasons over the Grossman of today. Brees had a few rough games. But to be a Grossman you really have to get a few more sub 25 QB ratings under your belt.

  8. They still do stack the box to an extent send blitz packages to put pressure on Rex and makes him throw wildly bad passes. Since he is an immoble quarterback, that makes him easy ot find and tackle or force a fumble right behind the line of scrimmage.

    I would of course take Brees over Grossman, but my point was that Brees isn’t the best option out there. I have a feeling that the best option out there is Griese (who I would rather have over Brees) and we finally get to see him start this week.

  9. slimslaby said

    The focus now is disrupting the passing game and protecting against runs up the middle since Benson is that type of runner. You’ll notice that the Bears oddly enough had some success running Benson outside in the KC and San Diego games because of this. Pressure in the middle is definitely the focus, because as you said – Grossman is not mobile and they aren’t afraid of him leaving the pocket.

    First 4-5 games of last year, we started passing. It’s just a simple fact, that wasn’t what was expected. Opponents expected a running attack. They prepared for a running attack. That changed, and consequently our success at passing dwindled from there. That is the point where I believe the issue became partially a coaching issue as we continued to try and prove we could be successful passing, when we should have been focusing on running first to open up the pass game.

    If you remember the Jets game last year, we won a very non-exciting game by just running the ball and using passing as a secondary attack. It wasn’t pretty, but that was Bears football. If you look at our losses last year, it’s always when we tried to be a passing team – abandoning the run. I would suggest that the Super Bowl was a prime example of that.

    I like Griese too. I don’t think we need a top tier QB to be successful this year. We just need a guy who is going to keep the mistakes to a minimum.

  10. Aedhelgrim said

    Looking at college football, there are plenty of talented QBs in the SEC alone who could easily outperform Grossman, and considering they actually teach quarterbacks to move at SoCal, perhaps their second-string QB could give Grossman some lessons. Naah, bench him, move him to another position, or boot him and hope for his sake that he invested well. He sucks.

    And yes, the Saints suck again. Reggie Bush and Deuce McAllister are good, but the problem in the Saints organization is the same as the problem in the government of The Big Easy in which they barely exist: Rot from the top. They’ve been in NO for 30 years, and their highlights have been two playoff wins (no conference championships), and it took them 20 years to even get their first winning season. To me, that speaks strongly of an owner problem, not a staffing problem.

  11. Condo said

    The Saints front 4 on defense is strong, and they have a good set of skill players, but the problem is the offensive line and the back 7 of the defense.

    Last season, the defense was a lot like the Colts defense of a few years ago where they were flying all over the place making plays. You aren’t seeing that as much this year.

    And the Saints team appears to have ‘bought in’ to the media hype surrounding the offense before the season started and this is what has happened because of it.

    Teams are out to knock them in the mouth and they aren’t trying to dominate in the line of scrimmage and run the football effectively. It’s the same thing hurting the Chargers offense and L.T. this year.

    So if you want to start winning more games, make a better commitment to running the football and get those 5 guys up front fired up and pushing off the ball immediately, and you will see success start to come back.

  12. kellylinorr said

    i’m a sothern girl who luvs the cubs and bears and i was so pissed last yr , cause if not 4 gross, we might hav gone all the way!!! Many people say he got us 2 the Super Bowl, i say we got there inspite of him….lets get rid of him, he is no good, i blame management 4 not looking 4 a replaement during the off season..

  13. kellylinorr said

    i would like 2 add one more thing abt gross, being a southerner i saw grossman play many times when he was a gator….i was abt 10 yrs old when i first saw him play and thought he was pretty good, but what i remember of him , even though he did very well , he always appeared to mess up under pressure, i suppose that pro football is too much 4 him…

  14. slimslaby said

    Is this possible ?

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