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Mike Gundy: The Kind Of Coach I Would Want To Play For

Posted by Condo on September 24, 2007

By now, many of you sports fans have either seen, or heard about this ‘tirade’ that Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy went on. The author of the article he is referring to, Jenni Carlson, is a sports columnist for The Oklahoman newspaper based out of Oklahoma City. In her article, here, she tells a story of how former starting quarterback Bobby Reid lost his starting role. A lot of this article appears to be attacks at Reid’s character and attitude rather than at his performance on the field.

A player on the Oklahoma State football team’s mother brought this article to Gundy’s attention right before he was to go to the press conference after the team’s 49-45 victory over Texas Tech. And rather than talk about the game, Gundy was infuriated, as you can tell in the press conference, and went off about the article and stood up for his former quarterback who had done absolutely nothing wrong.

All I can say to this press conference tirade is THANK YOU MIKE GUNDY! You ABSOLUTELY did the right thing by calling out this reporter for this piece of junk writing that she put out there. After their shootout win against Texas Tech, it does suck for the players that this is all the media is covering and not the great game they had just finished playing. But I’d like to see a former athlete, whether it was in Pee Wee up to the pros, who wouldn’t want a coach like this to be their coach. Any coach who sticks up for his players like this when they are being kicked around is the kind of coach that I certainly would want to play for. Even if he may not be the best X’s and O’s coach, Gundy just earned A GREAT DEAL OF RESPECT all around the nation from fans, players, and coaches alike. And I for one would like to say…



One Response to “Mike Gundy: The Kind Of Coach I Would Want To Play For”

  1. Aedhelgrim said

    Too bad we didn’t hear anything of the sort from the Duke University administration over a year ago, and we still haven’t. A DVD of that should be in all of Oklahoma State’s recruiting material, and I think I just gained a bit more respect for the Big 12 Conference.

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