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Doc’s Top 25 – Week 4

Posted by Ryne E. Hancock on September 24, 2007

After what happened last weekend with the poll, this week, for lack of better terms, has been nothing less than chaotic.

We say goodbye to Louisville after losing to Syracuse on Saturday in Louisville, a game that has all but taken Brian Brohm out of the running for the Heisman, along with goodbyes to Arkansas and Darren McFadden, as well as to Georgia Tech. You will receive parting gifts that will not put your program on probation from Dr. Hancock next week.

After a week of second-guessing about South Florida’s place in my personal poll, their win over North Carolina all but solidified a spot in the poll this week along with Cincinnati, who actually made a return trip to the AP poll for the first time in more than 30 years after manhandling Marshall, and along with Wake Forest, who had been getting some votes from the pollsters in the past couple of weeks but proved the college football world wrong by coming from behind to beat Maryland.

So here we go:

1. Southern California (4-0): USC is living up to that song about it never rains there in SoCal, something that would have had happened if Washington State had came into the Coliseum and pulled off an upset of major proportions. Behind the arm of John David Booty and a stifling defense, the Trojans seemed to be poised to run roughshod over the Pac-10. But there’s always a chance for the Trojans to slip up somewhere en route to a BCS bowl.

Next Game: @ Washington Sat.

2. Louisiana State (4-0): Memo to the SEC: LSU is dangerous and will beat you thirty different ways. That’s something the Ol’ Ball Coach learned Saturday in Death Valley.

Next Game: @ Tulane Sat.

3. Florida (4-0) I had hoped that Ole Miss would shock the Gators in front of a strong crowd in Oxford because in my honest opinion, the Gators should have went out there and kicked tail against an undermanned Ole Miss squad, which they didn’t. Although they did eke out a victory, it’s not time for them to be crowned darlings of the SEC just yet.

Next Game: vs. Auburn Sat.

4. Oklahoma (4-0) When I was a kid, the Melrose Golden Wildcats had an offense that would run the score up like a utility bill. The same thing is happening in Norman with Bob Stoops’ bunch. They still have Texas to play though.

Next Game: @ Colorado Sat.

5. West Virginia (4-0) With the fall of Brohm, Pat White and Steve Slaton are your new front runners for the Heisman. Their reward for being the new front runners? A shot at getting revenge against a South Florida squad that screwed them out of a BCS bowl bid.

Next Game: @ South Florida Fri.

6. Wisconsin (4-0) I really don’t think that the Badgers can sleep on another opponent. After a lackluster performance by the offense last night against the Hawkeyes and a scare by The Citadel, they have to open against an undefeated Michigan State squad this weekend. Wonder if they’re going to sleep on them.

Next Game: vs. Michigan State Sat.

7. Texas (4-0) After lackluster performances to Central Florida in Orlando on September 15th and one at home against Arkansas State, the Longhorns took the advice of fellow Texan Beyonce and upgraded their performance against Rice and playing like the team that we all expected to give Oklahoma a run for its money in the Big 12 South. It’s only two more weeks until the Texas State Fair when them folks from up Interstate 35 come down to Dallas.

Next Game: vs. Kansas State Sat.

8. Rutgers (3-0) Bye week

Next Game: vs. Maryland Sept. 29th

9. California (4-0) DeShawn Jackson and company had another performance that could propel him into the running for the Heisman against the Arizona Wildcats. Although the Golden Bears are forever stuck with the label as the “Best Team in Northern California”, this weekend’s game will probably mean as much to the locals in Berkeley as it does in Tinseltown.

Next Game: @ Oregon Sat.

10. Clemson (4-0) Normally around this time of the season, the Clemson boys find a way to self-destruct against teams they should beat. Of course, we haven’t gotten into the month of October just yet.

Next Game: @ Georgia Tech Sat.

11. Ohio State (4-0) I wanted to place these guys higher after what they did to Northwestern in Columbus. Then I realized that a bunch of girls from Platinum Rose (a strip club in Memphis) could do the same thing to Northwestern. At least they have one more shot at running up the score next week.

Next Game: @ Minnesota Sat.

12. Georgia (3-1) The “Saban ’08” campaign lasted all of one week in Tuscaloosa thanks to Bulldogs’ stunning win over Alabama. Years from now, we’ll all be talking about Matthew Stafford’s floater into the end zone to beat the Tide.

Next Game: vs. Ole Miss Sat.

13. Kentucky (4-0) Brian Brohm who?

Next Game: vs. Florida Atlantic Sat.

14. Va. Tech (3-1) The best way anyone can take out aggression on a blowout loss in Death Valley is to take a I-AA team behind the woodshed and slap them silly around the field. Wonder why Michigan didn’t do that on Sept. 1st.

Next Game: vs. North Carolina Sat.

15. Oregon (4-0) People, I know the Oregon jerseys look like hi-liters, but can we all say for now that Oregon proved that they’re better than their projected fifth-place finish in the Pac-10?

Next Game: vs. California Sat.

16. Penn State (3-1) Just like Crichton’s soccer team that waits patiently for a win this year, your long-awaited win against the Wolverines will come sooner or later, JoePa.

Next Game: @ Illinois Sat.

17. Missouri (4-0) Hopes do spring eternal these days in Columbia for Chase Daniel and company. Just don’t tell it to the folks in Lincoln.

Next Game: vs. Nebraska October 6th

18. Michigan State (4-0) This just in:Michigan State is the best team in the state of Michigan. Too bad John L. wasn’t around to enjoy it.

Next Game: @ Wisconsin Sat.

19. Boston College (4-0) Beantown has a clean and winning football team that no one even knows about. And it’s not the Patriots either.

Next Game: vs. UMASS Sat.

20. Purdue (4-0) The over/under for this weekend’s game for points scored against Notre Dame is 49.

Next Game: vs. Notre Dame Sat.

21. Nebraska (3-1) The Cornhuskers were a touchdown pass away from Missouri fans writing letters to the people of Muncie, Indiana for beating the Big Red in their own house.

Next Game: vs. Iowa State Sat.

22. South Florida (3-0) The only underachieving team in Tampa these days are your favorite bottom feeders, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

Next Game: vs. West Virginia Fri.

23. Alabama (3-1) The best birthday gift for my friend Michelle is a bounce back win over the ‘Noles.

Next Game: @ Florida State (Jacksonville) Sat.

24. Cincinnati (4-0) Something has to be in that chili in Cincinnati because of the way these cats are playing. Let’s hope they can give some of that chili to the Bengals.

Next Game: @ South Dakota State Sat.

25. South Carolina (3-1) Don’t worry Gamecock fans, you have an easy win on Saturday coming your way.

Next Game: vs. Mississippi State Sat.

4 Responses to “Doc’s Top 25 – Week 4”

  1. Condo said

    Wow, South Carolina plays LSU to their toughest game this season in Baton Rouge no less and you drop them to 25? That’s a pretty steep drop in my opinion. I also do think Ohio State should be higher than Rutgers as at least they have a tough road win up in Seattle where as Rutgers doesn’t have anything close to that.

  2. Matt said

    I agree USC to 25th is a far fall, but lots of teams won ahead of them….I say switch ‘Bama and USC and it looks good.

  3. Aedhelgrim said

    I’m an Alabama fan, and it hurts me to say this. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to when Saban gets his own recruits in. We’ve seen what they can do against a fairly good coach in Les Miles. I can’t wait to see what happens when Saban actually coaches his players for five years, but this is not that year, and he’s largely having to deal with Shula’s wreckage and doing an admirable job of it. I agree with Matt and Condo. Flip South Carolina and Alabama, and reevaluate after the Criminoles lose to the Tide.

    As a side note, after years of suffering under Don Shula’s hellspawn, it’s nice hearing Auburn fans making excuses and taking inordinate pleasure in their defeat of a high school team in the form of New Mexico State. Speaking of which, there’s one high school team in my area that was once known for multi-season losing streaks (and probably will be again), and THEY could have beaten NM State. Am I the only one who thinks the Pac 10 and all of its members are woefully overrated?

  4. Matt said

    Haha, THANKS for the thoughts Aedhelgrim…nice to have a Tide fan around (hit up our forums on GSF, they’re ‘Cocks fans but love having SEC guys around)…

    I think some Pac 10 teams are overrated…however, there aren’t a whole lot of cross-country meetings throughout the season to really decide…different brand of football, maybe?

    Come back soon and THANKS FOR THE COMMENT!


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