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Time To Add Another ‘8’ To My Tattoo

Posted by Matt on September 19, 2007

When Dale Earnhardt, Junior announced he would leave his late-father, and redneck deity, Dale Earnhardt, Senior’s garage for the 2008 edition of the NASCAR Nextel Cup series, a million rednecks suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

But Republicans around the Nation shouldn’t fear because Junior’s new sponsors are the next best thing to Budweieser:  Mountain Dew and the National Guard (I guess it could be better if it were RC Cola and Moonpie, but you get the point).  Junior also maintains his trademark number 8 by merely adding another 8 to it.  This will be the biggest non-issue as by the time the race started, most Junior fans were so wasted that they saw two 8s anyways…and if this was the plan the entire time:

Touche, Dale.


Author’s note:  before you go filling up my inbox or the comments thread, I am a Junior fan, and I am a NASCAR fan, and drink Budweiser and Mountain Dew, so there was no harm meant.


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