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New ESPN Bowl Projections

Posted by Matt on September 19, 2007

Both Mark Schlabach and our new-found Kentucky friend Ivan Maisel (the Woodson as All-American prognosticator) has the University of Kentucky playing in the Outback Bowl in Tampa Bay, Florida (played at Raymond James Stadium).


Though the two differ on opinions in regards to opponents, they both agree they’ll come from north of Lake Eerie with Maisel taking the Michigan State Spartans and Schlabach taking the Appalachian State Michigan Wolverines.

The Outback Bowl pits the Big Ten #3 versus the SEC #3/#4 and is a traditional New Years’ Day Bowl but has been played on 12/31 as well as 1/2 in various years. Obviously it is early, but I’ll enjoy the fact, if only temporarily, that my ‘Cats are at least in New Years’ Day Bowl talk…



4 Responses to “New ESPN Bowl Projections”

  1. Steven said

    Usually the Outback takes the #3 SEC team.

    Since the East winner and the West winner get #1 and #2 automatically, that would mean Kentucky would have to finish 2nd in the Eas.

    While that is certainly possible, I am not ready to concede that Kentucky will finish ahead of USC, UGA and Tennessee (with FLA likely finishing in 1st).

    I think Kentucky could very well finish ahead of 1 or even 2 of those teams, but I seriously doubt y’all finish ahead of ALL 3.

    But as they say, that’s why they play the games. ;-)

  2. Matt said

    Yeah, I think that it was a bit high as well but I was happy they both did it at the same time…

  3. Matt said

    Also…with the way the BCS is setup, thats what kind of sucks about having a Conference Championship (though I like it personally) when the likes of the Big Ten do not…

  4. raptorcox said

    That is certainly a goal to be proud of, I certainly am proud of beating Ohio State two years straight in Tampa

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