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Louisville Cardinals Have No Class

Posted by Matt on September 18, 2007

Apparently during the team introductions, offensive lineman Brian Gaicomini (not to be confused with the thoroughbred race horse Giacomo of the same weight class) felt the need to toss the middle finger up on both hands in the general direction of Kentucky fans:


He probably regretted this decision later because THEY LOST but it further proves that some Louisville Cardinals, whether they’re players or fans, have no class. Now I am sure that there are Kentucky fans that don’t either, or any other sports teams’ fans for that matter, but I am a Kentucky fan and I have to get my shots in while I can because we haven’t been on the smiling side of the scoreboard too often in recent history in this rivalry.
steve-bartman-01.jpg It should also be added that my good friend was threatened to be killed by a Steve Bartman-looking Louisville fan, who listened to an iPod the entire game, by means of throwing said friend over the top of Commonwealth Stadium allowing him to plummet to his death. Now I understand some rival banter, but death by tossing?

You stay classy, Louisville.

Author’s Note: In all fairness to Giacomo’s fat ass, he did apologize…or something: U of L’s Giacomini apologizes for gesture (Courier-Journal)

10 Responses to “Louisville Cardinals Have No Class”

  1. jason said

    A Kentucky fan called me the N word, doesn’t mean all Kentucky fans are racists. Mass generalizations are never good.

  2. Matt said


  3. Hahahaa. I love your posts.Kentucky fans are well i think there different. Also i subscribed to your blog. Its great. I read it heaps. Keep up the good work.

  4. Steven said

    Spoirtslover, to further discuss these articles with the TNB writers, come visit my website and see their sport’s bar.

  5. Steve said

    The problem here is that this was a UL Football player making the obscene gesture, not some drunk fan. I didn’t care for Bobby Petrino, but at least you didn’t see his teams doing this crap.

  6. Patrick said

    Its all in good fun! People should not threatin others lives or make racist comments. But Kentucky does suck and GO CARDS!

  7. Matt said

    Thanks, Patrick.

    But…GO CATS!

  8. Matt said

    And I know its all in good fun, I just like to jump at the opportunity to bash on some Cards fans right back.

  9. Alec said

    You are way out of line. How about i put you in a stadium with a thousand people screamin at you, cursing at you, and throwing things at you and let me see how you react. First – You are pathetic for trying to call Giaomini a fat ass when he is a lineman. Its now like he is a quarterback and fat like a QB like a certain #22 on kentuckys old team. Second= – The reamark about the louisville fan threatening someone was all in the point of view of one person. You definately didnt tell the whole story and most likely both fans were under the influence of alcahol. Also i might add your UK fans provoked Giaomini just look at all the fans trying to in there faces as you can tell by the one in front of Harry Douglas who is a beast. Third – UK fans are up in the worse fans category because i have only met a handful of fans that are actually smart and can carry on a intelligent conversation about sports or anything else. One big thign is that in the last UofL vs UK game there were drunk UK fans behind me and my dad who has been a season ticket holder longer than i have been born throwinng objects at fans and had to be escorted out and my dad never had a confrentation with a kentucky fan that day until he had something thrown at him. Maybe my message has came off a little strong and i personnally dont know you but when UK fans make stupid comments about UofL fans in general or players it pisses me off. Oh how about the UofL vs UK basketball game…

  10. MJ said

    Haha…man, lighten up…did you not even read the comments above?

    Cards fans I like: Commenter Patrick.
    Cards fans I don’t like: Commenters Jason and/or Alec.

    Get back to work, Alec.

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