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Fire Chuck Bresnahan

Posted by Matt on September 17, 2007

I’ll be adding a static page to this site until it happens.  The comments thread will be open on said page for anyone to add their thoughts, petitions, links, etcetera.



Petition (Link) -Thanks to the fine folks over at

How can you give up 51 points to a team that flipped a coin to decide the starting quarterback in Preseason, benched said starter at halftime of Game 1, whose coach reassured the nation said starter would remain at that position, and then whose general manager traded coin-flipped starter two days later.

The Bengals defense is suspect at best.  Enough is enough, it’s time for a change!

5 Responses to “Fire Chuck Bresnahan”

  1. Steven said

    And isn’t this like the 2nd time in a matter of a few years that the Cincy/Cleveland game has been very high scoring?

    I knew you were mad after the game, but didn’t know you were serious about starting a site or page to petition for his immediate removal.

  2. Matt said

    Oh, and I am not the only one… has more strictly Bengals fans than here…and they have nearly 300 “signiatures” on their petition…the one I linked too…

  3. Matt said

    And yes, this happened in 2004 as well…unfortunately Bresnahan was merely on the defensive staff at the time and wasn’t Coordinator…but he’s still partly to blame then and fully now…

  4. Just2Cocky said

    Fired after 2 games.

    That makes sense.

  5. Matt said

    No, fired after 34 games…

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