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Doc’s Top 25 – Week 3

Posted by Ryne E. Hancock on September 17, 2007

1. Southern Cal (3-0)

Next Game: vs. Washington State Sat.

2. Louisiana State (3-0)

Next Game:vs. South Carolina Sat.

3. Florida (3-0)

Next Game: @ Ole Miss Sat.

4. Oklahoma (3-0)

Next Game: @ Tulsa Fri.

5. West Virgina (3-0)

Next Game: vs. East Carolina Sat.

6. Wisconsin (3-0)

Next Game: vs. Iowa Sat.

7. Texas (3-0)

Next Game: vs. Rice Sat.

8. Rutgers (3-0)

Next Game: vs. Maryland Sept. 29th

9. California (3-0)

Next Game: vs. Arizona Sat.

10. Penn State (3-0)

Next Game: @ Michigan Sat.

11. Clemson (3-0)

Next Game: @ North Carolina State Sat.

12. Ohio State (3-0)

Next Game: vs. Northwestern Sat.

13. South Carolina (3-0)

Next Game: @ Louisiana State Sat.

14.Va. Tech (2-1)

Next Game: vs. William & Mary Sat.

15. Louisville (2-1)

Next Game: vs. Syracuse Sat.

16. Texas A&M (3-0)

Next Game: @ Miami (FL) Thurs.

17. Georgia (2-1)

Next Game: @ Alabama Sat.

18. Kentucky (3-0)

Next Game: @ Arkansas Sat.

19. Oregon (3-0)

Next Game: @ Stanford Sat.

20. Alabama (3-0)

Next Game: vs. Georgia Sat.

21. Boston College (3-0)

Next Game: vs. Army Sat.

22. Michigan State (3-0)

Next Game: @ Notre Dame Sat.

23. Arkansas (1-1)

Next Game: vs. Kentucky Sat.

24. Purdue (3-0)

Next Game: @ Minnesota Sat.

25. Georgia Tech (2-1)

Next Game: @ Virginia Sat.


2 Responses to “Doc’s Top 25 – Week 3”

  1. Condo said

    Wow, leaving UCLA in the Top 25 after their beat down at the hands of Utah?? Louisville still up there at #13? I am a UL fan, but that’s a bit too high, especially the way the defense is playing. I think Michigan State is a bit overrated and Missouri as well.

    What about South Florida or Cincinnati from the Big East? Still no Alabama? No VA Tech? No Hawaii? Just some things we seem to not see eye to eye on, but overall it looks good man, keep up the good work.

  2. I made a mistake and left Va. Tech out of the polls. That’s what happen when you writing and drinking at the same time. They was supposed to be right where Kentucky was at 18, but I completely forgot. I’ll to get a hold of Matt and fix it.

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