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Fantasy Week 2: Start and Sit

Posted by Bob Swerski on September 16, 2007


Here are a few picks of who to start and sit this week for fantasy football.

START: QB: Carson Palmer.

START: RB: Rudi Johnson

START: WR: Chad Johnson, T.J. Housmanwhatever, Tab Perry

START: Defense – Bengals

SIT: Anyone you have playing ahead of these guys in your fantasy lineup.

The Bengals might have looked shaky offensively in their first start, but look for a rebound against cellar dweller Cleveland Clowns.  If you want to win big points in your fantasy league this year and look like a genius, start anyone, and I mean anyone playing the Cleveland Clowns.  Let’s say the Clowns decided to play a pick up game at a high school near you.  You should start that high school quarterback in your fantasy team. 

The best part about this advice is that it works EVERY week.  Come Week 3, if the Browns don’t beat the Raiders, I think we could have a season go 0-16.  Looking at the schedule, winless is a definate possibility.

This runs right into my lock of the week:  Cincinnati -6.5 against the Clowns.  If sports betting is your thing then you should probably put up a second mortgage on your house to have more money to bet on this game.


5 Responses to “Fantasy Week 2: Start and Sit”

  1. Condo said

    So much for that Cincinnati defense?? Goodness, 27 points in a half to the Clowns is TERRIBLE!

  2. Matt said

    Yeah, but everyone else raked today….just start ANYONE playing the Browns OR the Bengals in fantasy…

  3. Condo said

    Very true, Carson had a FANTASTIC fantasy day for me… 53 points in my one league, not sure how many in my other but possibly more, I’m loving that.

  4. The General said

    cough cough cough….hope you didnt parlay your parking money

  5. cough cough cough… every one of the picks above with the exception of defense would have won you massive fantasy points

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