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Posted by Matt on September 15, 2007

This is the lone time I will use merely “Gameday” as the title of a post without further explanation because today is the gameday of the year for myself in college football.  It is the day of the Louisville game.

We’re not strictly a Kentucky blog and have never claimed to be as, of the five of us, I am the only Kentucky fan here.  Furthermore, we’ve never claimed to cover Kentucky sports better than other blogs (Kentucky Sports Radio comes to mind).  However, my loyalty to the Wildcats is as strong as anyone’s and has been for years and I have been preaching far and wide to whoever would listen that Kentucky would beat Louisville this year, going as far back as May, and beyond to make this claim (just ask “Condo”).

I am not changing my mind on this one….I am sticking to my Kentucky Wildcats.

Kentucky 38

Louisville 35

The spread is down to just 5.5 points in Vegas in favor of Louisville and this comes as a surprise to me.  Regardless, I have never been more hyped for a Kentucky football game in my entire five year collegiate career.  I am nervous, excited, anxious, and all other gameday emotions wrapped up in to one.  This game will be a barn burner and should not be missed.

The game can be seen on ESPNClassic at 7:30PM and I won’t be around again until tomorrow to talk NFL pigskin over on Gamecocks Sports Forum.  Until then, “Doc” has a great post below this one regarding today’s Kentucky game and is a must read.

Enjoy your college football Saturday and GO BIG BLUE!


4 Responses to “Gameday”

  1. bcsbusters said

    Great Pick Matt,

    The sites looking good. I’ve got Kentucky by four as well: 49 – 45!
    Could very well be the offensive game of year. The swing factor? TURNOVERS!

  2. Doc’s Diagnosis: 48-34

  3. Condo said

    I’m sticking with Louisville, 41-31. I think that the Louisville will be able to slow it down a touch with a nice ground game and the ability to force Turnovers. But again, as I’ve said all along, won’t be the least bit surprised if the score is reversed in UK’s favor.

  4. Steven said

    I fully expect Louisville to take this game. I won’t hazard a guess as to a score as I firmly believe Kentucky will score plenty of points, but that Louisville will score more.

    Unlike Condo, I actually would be surprised if Kentucky pulls this one out, but that’s why they play the games, so who knows?

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