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Dallas Cowboys Become Biggest Fan Of Whoever Is Playing Cleveland

Posted by Matt on September 12, 2007


That’s right, with every embarrassing loss in the “Mistake By The Lake,” the Dallas Cowboys get one step closer to receiving the keys to Darren McFadden. With each shameful coin flip to decide the starting quarterback then trade that sent said starter packing after Game 1 of the NFL Regular Season, the Dallas Front Office looks more and more like a pack of geniuses for trading their 2007 1st Round selection (22nd overall) for Cleveland’s 1st Round selection of the 2008 NFL Draft.

If you haven’t recalled by now, this draft-selection trade was the blockbuster deal that sent a pouting Brady Quinn to Lake Erie’s southern shore, ensuring his spiral to obscurity (a la Tim Couch) and creating Cleveland’s biggest detractor this side of myself (the Dallas Cowboys).

Thus, the Dallas Cowboys can watch out of the corner of their eye to see just how far Cleveland falls so that they can see just how high their draft selection climbs. Darren McFadden or Steve Slaton, among other play-makers, could easily be added to an already competitive Dallas Cowboy squad for the 2008 season.

And, as they say, the plot thickens…

In an unrelated note, yes, that is Earnest Byner just moments after “The Fumble,” a play that lead to a loss to the Denver Broncos in the AFC Championship game; and yes, it was just one year removed from “The Drive,” a play that lead to a similar result to a similar team.


3 Responses to “Dallas Cowboys Become Biggest Fan Of Whoever Is Playing Cleveland”

  1. dan said

    Visit for all the latest discussion on the Dallas Cowboys in our fan Forums!

  2. Pat Morris said

    How foolish, dare I say idiotic, these comments appear one year later, after the Browns’ 10-6 season.

  3. M said

    Not really. The Browns sucked early…I never said they would suck the whole season nor am I a Cowboys fan. But with the keys to the Browns draft pick…Dallas really became a fan of whoever was playing the Clowns.

    I said they wanted McFadden…they got Felix Jones. One Razorback for another.

    Thanks for your crappy comment…

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