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Ann Arbor, Meet The Other Side Of Highland Avenue

Posted by Ryne E. Hancock on September 12, 2007

Doc’s Note: This is the latest in a series of columns on sports at Crichton. These columns will appear regularly until the end of the school year..

While most of us are laughing our tails off at the fact that for the first time in ages, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Michigan Wolverines are winless in the same season and the fact that the Memphis Tigers could have more wins than one of those schools, the Crichton Comets are dealing with a funk of their own.

Except for one thing, it’s not American football.

It’s soccer and volleyball, where the volleyball, men’s soccer, and women’s soccer teams are all a combined 0-16-1, with the one tie being a men’s soccer match against William Carey early on in the season.

And unlike the situation in Ann Arbor or, for that case, the Maize and Blue Nation where it seems like everyone but the little four-year old kid with the Chad Hemme jersey crying to his mommy and daddy on why his favorite team got slapped silly around the field like a raggedy stuffed animal wants Lloyd Carr’s head on a stick and booted into Lake Michigan, the students at Crichton for the most part haven’t been calling suicide hotlines or radio stations for their coaches’ head on a stick and for him to be booted out of town.

When the school year started down at Crichton, no one, for the most part, foresaw a conference championship for the men’s and women’s soccer teams nor the volleyball team because of the youth of the teams.

On the men’s soccer team, you have 16 underclassmen and only one four-year starter, which in a sense spells doom for your season from the get-go. Of course as time progresses and they get a feel for each other, there’s a chance that they could right the ship.

The same could be said for the volleyball team, which according to the roster on the Crichton Comets web page, has 11 freshmen and no upperclassmen on the team plus a couple of Redshirts , which, in a way, is a big disadvantage for a program because outside of the coach as there’s no upperclassman a la Vince Young to lead the team in the right direction.

And when you look at the women’s soccer roster, it seems as if their roster mirrors that of the Michigan Wolverines with three seniors that could shadow Mike Hart, Chad Henne, and Jake Long. Outside of that, the roster looks almost like the other two rosters I mentioned in the previous paragraphs.

So what does this mean for the 2007 Comets?

Well, according to conventional wisdom and things I learned from high-school athletics and big-revenue sports, the future of those three programs seem to be in good hands and Crichton could be in a sense, a contender for conference championships in the near future in those sports.

That is, if no Crichton booster calls Sports 56 or ESPN 730 calling for someone’s head to be placed on a stick and be kicked out of town.


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