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Remembering 9/11

Posted by Matt on September 11, 2007


I am not one to over dramatize things and the whole purpose of this site was to create a community where my friends and I could write and discuss about what we love and to hear from others their opinions on the same topics in attempt to have fun and learn a little bit along the way.  We had hoped, with the creation of this site, that we could build a community to help escape work and school for a few moments and ponder the less important things in life.

That being said, today is the Sixth Anniversary of the day that, for what it is worth, changed the course of this Nation’s history forever.  For better or for worse, the society we live in today could be a far cry from what it would have been had the events that are synonymous with ‘September Eleventh’ never happened.  Some people are tired of hearing about these tragic events, not for disrespect to the victims and their families but because the event has been sensationalized so much for so many various reasons since then.

I will stop there as I have decided in recent history that I am not one for politics anymore and a political discussion isn’t what I want.  All that I ask is that we remember the victims and their families from this day six years ago, but I ask that you don’t just stop there.  As I stated, some are generally slightly tired of 9/11 so make this a general day of remembrance as well. Remember all of those lost in all of the American tragedies before September 11, 2001 and since.  Remember the victims of the Virginia Tech shootings, the crash of Delta Flight 5191, or the Columbine shootings, just to name a few.  Remember those who have fought and/or died in any of America’s wars, including the ones we’re in right now in Iraq and Afghanistan.  And last but not least, remember any friends and family members you may have lost in your life for various reasons, personal and otherwise.

I would also like to add that I take this opportunity once again to thank ALL of our troops, at home and abroad, for all of their service and sacrifice.

Have a good Tuesday, everybody.



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