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Condo’s Super Bowl Predicitions After Week 1

Posted by Condo on September 11, 2007


Usually, when you look up NFL Playoff and Super Bowl predictions, it’s before the season actually starts. But I figured, “hey, why not wait ’til Week 1 so I can at least get a little bit better glimpse of a teams’ offense and defense for an entire game, rather than one quarter like you see in preseason.”

So, without further ado, here are my predictions for the NFL Division Winners, Playoffs and the Super Bowl:

NFC Playoffs:

NFC East Winner: Dallas Cowboys
NFC North Winner: Minnesota Vikings
NFC South Winner: Carolina Panthers
NFC West Winner: San Francisco 49ers
NFC Wild Card Winners: Detroit Lions, Seattle Seahawks
Outside Looking In: Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, Philadelphia Eagles, New Orleans Saints
NFC Champion: Carolina Panthers

Yep, believe it, I don’t think the Saints OR the Bears are getting to the Super Bowl let alone the playoffs and I think the Vikings, 49ers, AND Lions are going to the playoffs! For the Saints, they are not as explosive on offense as people seem to think, and the defense is even worse than the Colts’ overall, they can’t stay on the emotional high forever and I think they stay flat all season long. For the Bears, two key injuries to the defense this past Sunday, – Thomas Jones + Rex Grossman STILL the quarterback =  no playoffs for the Bears. The defense would have to play at an extremely high level, I believe, for them to get back.

For the Vikings, ‘Niners and Lions, they have fairly soft schedules (strength of schedule wise) and I was impressed with all three of them in Week 1. The Vikings quarterback Tavaris Jackson just needs to manage the game and give it to one of his two good running backs in rookie Adrian Peterson or veteran Chester Taylor. The Viking defense was very good last year and returns most everyone on it, they are going to bounce back in a very big way this season I believe.

For the Niners, the defense looked very strong last night, rookie Patrick Willis was everywhere on the field and the team played inspired football on that side of the ball. The offense struggled throughout but in crunch time when they needed it, Alex Smith and Co. delivered. I think they have the best team in that division. Remember, they did defeat division winner Seattle not once, but both times they played each other last season, and will not be surprised it happens again this season.

As for the Lions, after watching them Sunday, Kitna doesn’t sound as foolish as he once did predicting a 10-win season. The offense looked very good with all of the weapons they have and while the defense is a bit suspect, Rod Marinelli is a defensive minded coach and will be able to focus more so on that since he has offensive guru Mike Martz as his offensive coordinator. It also helps that the Lions have the easiest schedule in the league based on the strength of schedule and may only need 8 wins to grab a playoffs spot in the NFC.

For the Panthers, they finally have Jake Delhomme completely healthy to start the season and his favorite target Steve Smith is as good as always. They have a nice two-back system with DeAngelo Williams and DeShaun Foster, and I like the way the defense played versus St. Louis. Quite frankly, any team in the NFC has a legitimate shot at the playoffs, that is how bad this conference has become overall, but I think the Panthers are the best overall of the bunch.

AFC Playoffs:

AFC East Winner: New England Patriots
AFC North Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers
AFC South Winner: Indianapolis Colts
AFC West Winner: San Diego Chargers
AFC Wild Card Winners: Cincinnati Bengals, Denver Broncos
Outside Looking In: Baltimore Ravens, Houston Texans, New York Jets
AFC Champion: Indianapolis Colts

This is the easy side of the two to predict and I really don’t need to go into a whole lot of depth on each team here. I know, I know, the Colts won it last year and the Patriots appear much more loaded on both sides of the ball this season. However, I firmly believe after watching the Colts destroy the Saints on both sides of the football, that they may actually be better this year than last. The offense is as strong as ever and the defense may not boast the best talent, but it’s the scheme that makes that defense what it is, not the players.

If Indy gets home field advantage in the playoffs, you can forget about it, but if New England gets home field, I may start to lean more towards the Pats. But for argument’s sake, I am picking Indy to get home field throughout the playoffs.

Super Bowl XLII Champion: Indianapolis Colts

Come on, did you expect anything else? The team is more loaded than anyone on the offensive side of the ball and probably one of the fastest defenses in the NFL. And they are the champ until someone steps up in the playoffs and defeats them. Personally, I think that Peyton Manning is about to go on a run like Tom Brady did and win multiple Super Bowls. Plus, I love Peyton’s commericials so I gotta root for him and his team.


One Response to “Condo’s Super Bowl Predicitions After Week 1”

  1. Steven said

    49ers in the postseason? Say it ain’t so…….

    Bears left out? Say it ain’t so…….

    Panthers winning the NFC? Say it IS so…..

    I also hope the Steelers fall flat, but that is just me…. LOL.

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