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Cincinnati Bengals vs. Baltimore Ravens

Posted by Matt on September 10, 2007

No lengthy pregame tonight – I am only one man – but I will lay down my predictions:

Cincinnati Bengals:  24

Baltimore Ravens: 17

And yes, to answer you question I WILL likely (see: possibly)  pick the Bengals every week, so put that in your credibility pipe and smoke it.

Oh yea, and that “other game”:

San Francisco 49ers: 28

Arizona Cardinals: 24

Mind you, those predictions will be nowhere near right.

Also, I may ‘liveblog’ throughout the game (below).  If I don’t I either drink too much or too little….

Moderately-Active Semi-Liveblog:

6:23 – Carson Palmer was mic’ed for practice this week and is actually quite hilarious with a bit of a joke-playing sense of humor and funny, self-depreciating remarks.  I can say it would be one fun team to play for/work with…

6:32 – With Keyshawn Johnson, Emmitt Smith, and Chris Berman, I would venture to say there are more mispronounced words on Monday Night Countdown than anywhere else on television – “Elkland Raiders,” “Sansinattee,” etcetera… 

7:13 – Terrible defense on third and long for the opening drive after two impressive stops…

7:23 – For the last time for Tirico and any other commentators, it is HERANADAZE JONES NOT “HERNANDEZ” JONES…(#44)…

7:33 – “Future H.O.F. 20??”  – HILARIOUS.

8:00 – How do you bring down a 6 foot, 9 inch, 350 pound giant (Jonathan Ogden)?  You strain his big toe, of course…

8:34 – Ryan Paker of Ryan Parker Songs (link later) had a sweet video highlight with his daughter singing another hilarious self-written song as part of ESPN’s “Rowdy Friends” video series at each stop they make.  I have heard Ryan’s sports songs for years now and they’re hilarious.  CONGRATS RYAN!

8:40 – 12-10 Bengals at Halftime — I am not overly pleased, but I’ll take it…

9:06 – Four turnovers and one touchdown for the Bengals’ defense…time to trade in Dallas’ D. in my fantasy league…yea, I am a trendy free agent picker…

9:25 –  The defense seems to play better when they blitz…SO DON’T STOP.

9:36 – Caleb Miller was the underneath LB on Mark Clayton on the 3rd down endzone shot NOT Landon Johnson as ‘Jaws’ stated…not complaining about the new M.N.F. staff, as I like them, but just giving credit where credit is due…

9:44 – Ed Reed returned something like only 5 punts last year and came in for an injured B.J. Sams tonight….well when you play against the Bengals you can come out of punt-return retirement and go the distance…ugh…………….

9:52 – All I can say as a life long Bengals fan is that I have been down this very road too man times…20-19 Ravens…sigh…

10:01 – BEAUTIFUL interception by Geathers, beautiful run by Rudi, beautiful catch and run by HOUSHMAZIILLI and nice run by RUUUUDI for the 2-poing conversion – the jungle is ROCKING – 27-20 Bengals…

10:17 – 4th down, two minute warning, Boller and Company on the goal line (that is hilarious in itself), my nerves cannot take this this early in the season….

10:22 – Bad calls all around…Baltimore gets a fresh set of downs after b.s. calls against Baltimore and Cincinnati…

10:26 – Michael Meyers has the best hands for a 300-pounder that I have ever seen…GAME OVER BABY – 27-20 WOOO…and I’m out.


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