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The Crazy Day That Was

Posted by Matt on September 9, 2007

“Swerski” has a funny new one up directly below. Check it out. And then head over to “The Sports Bar” as the TNB and GSF staff will be talking professional pigskin and yesterday’s results ALL DAY LONG.

You know you’re going to follow your fantasy teams like a crack addict…

I have moved the “Bets” up below “Swerski’s” new one and the Staff Picks for the week are just below that so we can all follow along all day…

Anyways, my thoughts on to the college football day that was:

  • The Cincinnati Bearcats will be the sleeper in the Big East. Mark it down. Cincinnati beat Oregon State 34-3 on Thursday.
  • The Oklahoma Sooners are now my bandwagon favorite to win it all, they’re looking unreal. They beat Miami (FL) 51-13 after beating Northern Texas 79-10 last week. For those of you who failed 5th grade math, the Boomer Sooners are outscoring their opponents 130-23 through two games and I know one team was Northern Texas School for the Blind, but the other was the ‘Canes from south Florida…
  • Speaking of which, the REAL South Florida beat #17 Auburn 26-23 in overtime yesterday, but some consider USF a legitimate contender in the Big East, so don’t think this is Appalachian State all over again.
  • Michigan AND Notre Dame both lost AGAIN. Making both teams 0-2. This has to be the first time both teams have started 0-2 since the Civil War had Division 1 teams so depleted, Michigan had to start Rosie O’Donnell at middle linebacker and Tom Hanks coached the team. “Charlie” claims it is the first time in history…I say the over under on Ann Arbor riots is about 3 days…
  • “Condo” has informed me that it is the first time since November 19, 1979 that Georgia (South Carolina), Miami (FL) (Oklahoma), Notre Dame (Penn State), and Michigan (Oregon) ALL lost on the same day. Crazy.
  • Western Kentucky beat West Virginia Tech 87-0 and had accumulated 87 points in the first three quarters. It was indeed an insane day in college football. In related news, W.V.Tech never actually made it to the game…
  • I think the only team to cover the spread in a victory over a MAC team was Kentucky – Ohio State didn’t, they only beat Akron 20-2 after being favored by 27.5. By the way, the Wildcats beat Kent State 56-20 (HELL YEAH!).
  • Kentucky will give Louisville all they can handle next week. Believe it.

Just my thoughts…bring on the NFL and head over to “The Sports Bar,” I’ll be in the Shoutbox off and on all day, talking NFL and dreaming about my Bengals on Monday Night Football tomorrow…



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