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Friday Site News

Posted by Matt on September 7, 2007

As most of you know by now, “The Nasty Boys’ Sports Blog” recently teamed up with the OUTSTANDING sports forum, Gamecocks Sports Forum, and we have since opened our very own sub-forum: “The Nasty Boys’ Sports Bar.”

We hope this partnership elevates the content and interest here as well as in the network we’re creating.

That being said, we have always hoped to bring a lot of great, national content as well as content unique to each writer’s school and/or interests (for instance, I am a huge University of Kentucky homer).

Continuing in that vein, as well as in an attempt to create a broader, more diverse network, “Doc” Hancock has joined up with Crichton College to cover the Crichton Comets and their athletes at a more personal level.  We hope this venture helps to spark interest in the site from the mid-Tennessee area while still providing columns from “Doc” that are worthwhile reads regardless of one’s connections, or lack thereof, to Crichton.

His first Crichton column drops this afternoon, we’ll see how it goes and go from there!

Other items this morning:

  • “Condo” is back!  Check out his very new and very good column directly below this post and then head over to “The Sports Bar” to chat it up or feel free to leave your thoughts for him in the ‘Comments!’
  • If you’re on facebook, “Doc” has created a global facebook group for “The Nasty Boys” so if you would like to join, here is the link!:  Support The Nasty Boys’ Sports Blog

More football coverage through the weekend, “Doc’s” column up this afternoon, enjoy your Friday!


One Response to “Friday Site News”

  1. Steven said

    We are certainly glad to have formed this alliance and the RSS Feeds are now working. I generally click to manually allow them to feed to the Gamecock Sports Forum a few times a week.

    Thanks for everything y’all have done and let’s keep the ideas floating both ways in an attempt to make both of our ventures grow.

    ~Steven (TaySC)

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