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Weeknight College Football, Good For The Sport?

Posted by Condo on September 6, 2007


As I sit here this evening typing this article, I am flipping between a couple of college football games between Louisville/Middle Tennessee State and Cincinnati/Oregon State. And then, of course, I’m watching the NFL opener between the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints.

Most people think that football is meant for the weekend. Saturday is college football day, and Sunday is pro football day. Thanks to the power of television networks, however, you can catch a football game almost any night. If you are a football junkie like myself, especially college football, this is a great thing. However, some people seem to think it ruins the whole ‘mystique’ of football.

Personally, I think they are crazy because, before a few years ago, you could have never seen a team like Louisville, Cincinnati, or Oregon State on TV. And thanks to television, it’s not only allowing football junkies like myself a chance to see these teams in action, but recruits that those schools are targeting as well. It brings the programs national exposure and helps bring more “parity” to college football.

Think about it, thanks to television during the weeknights late in the season, recruits are getting a chance to see D-1AA teams (Football Championship Series) in the playoffs. This is helping those schools possibly get recruits who are of D-1A (Football Bowl Series) caliber but are more interested in playing for championships instead of being pasted by the USC’s and Florida’s of the world year in and year out. And thanks to this, it’s giving these schools enough overall talent to compete with the big boys. See: Appalachian State/Michigan this past Saturday.

Look at schools like Louisville, West Viriginia, and Cincinnati, for example. A few years ago, they were only on TV if they were getting ready to be pasted by Miami (FL) or Virginia Tech, for example. Now, they are on almost every Thursday night and recruits are getting better looks at these schools and because of this, these schools are getting more talented players.

The Big East went from being left for dead as a conference to now having four legitimate Heisman Contenders, two of which are on the same team.

The atmosphere on a Thursday night may not be nearly the same as it is on a Saturday afternoon. You miss some of the tailgating, the mingling among fans while drinking countless beers and yelling obscenities at the other team’s fans.

That obviously isn’t going to happen as much on a Wednesday or Thursday night, but I tell you what, if it means bringing this much parity and this much more excitement into college football, then I say bring on more weeknight games. 

If this past Saturday was any indication of where college football is heading, I am DEFINITELY ON BOARD.

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One Response to “Weeknight College Football, Good For The Sport?”

  1. raptorcox said

    I think a Monday, Thursday, Friday night game are OK, but still feel that Tues. and Wednesday games are not necessary at this time IMO.

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