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Example Should Start With These Two

Posted by Ryne E. Hancock on September 6, 2007

“As employees of an institution of higher learning, we have to carry ourselves with pride and dignity. The way we carry ourselves goes beyond the hours we work on this campus, it’s something that can rub off on the faculty and students as well.”-May 12, 2007 response by Ryne E. Hancock on the ‘tomfoolery’ of the Physical Plant Department at the University of Memphis.

Picture this scenario for a minute, folks.

You’re a wide-eyed freshman coming into a program that is ranked #1 in the country, even though the team plays in a junior-varsity conference filled with cupcakes like Tulane, East Carolina, and SMU.

Tuition, something that regular students like myself have to worry about because we weren’t blessed with the God-given talents that some of these people inherited at their birth, is already taken care of based on the condition that you do the right things: attend class, put in effort, and stay out of trouble.

Where regular college students get face time on ESPN by only going on College Gameday or by making a half-court shot, in lieu of free tuition and books, while you get a chance to showcase your talents while Dick Vitale and Bill Raftery endlessly shill about your accomplishments on television.

And instead of going to Mom and Dad for $700 to watch a basketball game in Madison Square Garden, you get to not only experience it for free but play in one of college basketball’s greatest venues.

So why try to throw it away at a nightclub in Downtown Memphis?

This weekend, freshman shooting guard Jeff Robinson and Iowa State transfer Shawn Taggart represented the Tigers in the worst possible way by acting like idiots at the Plush Club on Beale Street, which comes almost two years after former Tiger standout Jeremy Hunt got into an altercation on the north end of Beale towards Second Street.

And according to records obtained by the Commercial Appeal, senior standout Joey Dorsey, who has had legal troubles of his own over the last year, was involved in the same altercation, going as far as hitting one of the bouncers’ head when police intervened.

Not exactly the leadership that Coach Calipari wants from a guy who could be one of the best big men in the country this upcoming basketball season.

As athletic representatives of the University of Memphis, these guys need to understand that everything they do on and especially off the court reflects not only the University, but themselves.

Believe me, people are going to say dumb things as well do them but it’s up to them to take ownership of their behavior.

And the best way for that to happen at the University is to not instill a curfew, but to get rid of the three bad apples that could spoil a great season.

Then you take it from there.

This latest incident with the Tigers is not only a black eye on the players involved, but on the University and ‘Coach Cal.’

And the best way to alleviate the problems is to, as I said previously, kick the three off the team for good and move on.

It’s the best way out.


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