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“Doc’s” Top 25 – Week 1

Posted by Ryne E. Hancock on September 5, 2007

Every Tuesday (Wednesday this week because of the holiday games), check out a brand-new feature here at “The Nasty Boys’ Sports Blog” where I reveal my personal Top 25 to share with the readers of the fastest-growing blog in the South.

Here’s my Top 25 for Week 1:

1. Southern Cal (1-0)

Next Game: Sept 15th @ Nebraska

2. Louisiana State (1-0)

Next Game: Sept. 8th vs. Virginia Tech

3. Florida (1-0)

Next Game: Sept. 8th vs. Troy

4. West Virginia (1-0)

Next Game: Sept. 8th @ Marshall

5. Wisconsin (1-0)

Next Game: Sept. 8th @ UNLV

6. Texas (1-0)

Next Game: Sept. 8th vs. TCU

7. Va. Tech

Next Game: Sept. 8th @ Louisiana State

8. Oklahoma (1-0)

Next Game: Sept. 8th vs. Miami

9. Louisville (1-0)

Next Game: Sept. 6th vs. Middle Tennessee

10. Auburn (1-0)

Next Game: Sept. 8th vs. South Florida

 11. Georgia (1-0)

Next Game: Sept. 8th vs. South Carolina

12. California (1-0)

Next Game: Sept. 8th @ Colorado State

13. Rutgers (1-0)

Next Game: Sept. 7th vs. Navy

14. Clemson (1-0)

Next Game: Sept. 8th vs. La-Monroe

15. Ohio State  (1-0)

Next Game: Sept. 8th vs. Akron

16. UCLA (1-0)

Next Game: Sept. 8th vs. Brigham Young

17. Arkansas (1-0)

Next Game: Sept. 15th @ Alabama

18. Penn State (1-0)

Next Game: Sept. 8th vs. Notre Dame

19. TCU

Next Game: Sept. 8th @ Texas

20. Missouri (1-0)

Next Game: Sept. 8th @ Ole Miss

21. Tennessee (0-1)

Next Game: Sept. 8th vs. Southern Miss

22. Oregon (1-0)

Next Game: Sept. 8th @ Michigan

23. Florida State (1-0)

Next Game: Sept. 8th  vs. UAB

24. Georgia Tech (1-0)

Next Game: Sept. 8th vs. Samford

25. Nebraska (1-0)

Next Game: Sept. 8th @ Wake Forest


2 Responses to ““Doc’s” Top 25 – Week 1”

  1. Just2Cocky said


    Them Rajun’ Cajuns are a TOUGH TEAM I’m telling ya!

  2. Matt said

    Haha, well I will give it a week or two more or winning and you WILL find South Carolina in the Top 25 without a doubt.

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