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Short Morning Updates

Posted by Matt on September 4, 2007

Just a few short updates as we move forward with the cool new things going on here at “The Nasty Boys”…

♣ I will be updating the Cincinnati Bengals 2007 Offensive Preview By Position for the quarterbacks now that Jeff Smith and Doug Johnson have been released and Ryan Fitzpatrick comes in to compete for the back up role with Jeff Rowe.  After that is updated, I will list out the schedule this week leading up to next Monday’s season opener for the Bengals on Monday Night Football against the Baltimore Ravens.  We’ll go with runningbacks and fullbacks second, then wide receivers and tight ends third, followed by the ‘big uglies’ of the offensive line as the last in the four part series by the weekend.

♣ The NFL Pick ‘Ems for Week 1 are up over at G.S.F. (our new partner site).  Their homepage is here: G.S.F.  but most importantly the NFL Pick ‘Ems can be found here: NFL Pick ‘Ems (Week 1).  The first post (by TaySC) is the games, copy and paste his post and delete from each game who you think the loser will be so only the games’ winners appear and then post it back to the thread.  TaySC will keep track of scoring and we’ll keep you linked up each week to make sure you don’t miss a week and plummet to the bottom of the standings.  The Pick ‘Ems are due by Thursday before the start of the Colts versus Saints Thursday night opener!!

Look for some of us over there as I am TNBMatt, “Doc” Hancock is dochancock, and “Condo” is, well, Condo

♣ “Charlie Hustle” will make his triumphant return this week with predictions and thoughts for the first week of the NFL season.  This will be epic and should be highly anticipated…

Still a lot going on as we’re working toward building a bigger community…stay tuned…


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