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Charlie Weis Happiest About Appalachian State Upset

Posted by Matt on September 4, 2007

Discuss this article NOW in “The Nasty Boys’ Sports Bar!”: Charlie Weis Discussion (link) 


That’s right, amidst all of the ruckus created by Appalachian State’s upset of then-ranked #5 Michigan in the National media is the fact that Charlie Weis actually provided the added weight the students of Boone, North Carolina needed to tear down the home goal posts during the Mountaineers’ after-game celebrations.  His excitement is thanks to the fact that, lost in all of the uproar over the upset, is the absolute waxing of Notre Dame at the hands of Georgia Tech by a score of 3-33 on Saturday; and in South Bend no less.  Normally Weis would’ve been raked over the coals by Monday morning quarterbacks all across the nation for a loss this severe but, luckily for Weis, the focus has been strictly on college football’s biggest upset thanks to the boys from Boone.

See, Weis garnered a $3,000,000 a year contract from Notre Dame three years ago but the honeymoon is clearly over, especially after the brutalization they took last year in their B.C.S. Bowl game against LSU.  Now, after three quarterbacks that ended in the same result on Saturday, Weis has started his third year in South Bend, Indiana with a 30-point loss, a fact that cannot make the locals, nor “Touchdown Jesus,” very happy.

Weis better get things turned around in a hurry or he may see himself sitting on a very hot seat come the end of the season as “Domers” don’t accept much less than National Championship competitiveness yearly.

Right the ship, Chuck, if for no one else but Jesus:


UPDATE:  As I stated, Weis provided the added weight needed to bring down the home goal posts for the students of Appalachian State.  Well, thanks to some crack scientific and medical reporting by a returning “Charlie Hustle,” Charlie Weis is apparently the only patient in the history of gastric bypass to remain 400 pounds AFTER receiving a stomache-stapling.

As “Charlie” so eloquently put it, “he must have milkshakes on ******* I.V.s.”

Discuss this article NOW in “The Nasty Boys’ Sports Bar!”: Charlie Weis Discussion (link) 


One Response to “Charlie Weis Happiest About Appalachian State Upset”

  1. Steven said

    I think Weis is certainly wearing out his welcome.

    Whether they have the right to or not, Notre Dame fans have always acted like it is owed to them to win 11 or 12 games per year.

    Too bad for them that they may have a Rolls Royce appetite while feasting on a Happy Meal.

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