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For The Sake Of Mankind, Change Needs To Come In Ann Arbor

Posted by Ryne E. Hancock on September 2, 2007

Dear Coach Carr,

Pack your National Championship, your Big Ten Championships, Bowl trophies, and all of your belongings in Schembechler Hall.

It’s time for you to go.

How can your program, the program of Desmond Howard, Charles Woodson, Tom Brady, Rick Leach, and Glenn Edward Schembechler, play unfocused football for 60 minutes against the first-ever 1-AA team to ever play against the Wolverines?

A team that, for the most part, won the last two National Championships (in their division) and wasn’t scared of the tradition or, in this case, the intimidating atmosphere that is “The Big House?”

Just how?

Did you not remember what happened last year when Ball State, perennial also-rans of the Mid-American Conference, almost came into “The Big House” and pulled off an upset?

Do you remember?

Your refusal to join the 21st century has all but soiled the good name of the Michigan program because you wanted to hold on to the legacy of Bo Schembechler. Even in your press conference, you took only a small percentage of the responsibilty for your lack of prepardness when it was clear to everyone that you looked past this team the same way I used to look past a girl by the name of Erica Lee during the summer of 2004.

You did.

After you congratulated these little giants on their upset of Michigan, you did what any Michigan man would do to show the world that you were still without peer, show your arrogance as superiors of college football.

And now with a 1997 National Championship, five Big Ten Championships, plus losing five of the last six to Ohio State, as well as five of your last six bowl games, this will further tarnish your legacy.

All I can say is this in closing, Mr. Schembechler isn’t here anymore and neither is Brian Griese or Tom Brady to bail you out of this tight situation, a situation that your program will probably be haunted by in the interim.

Nor is Charles Woodson.

So do what pretty much every pundit in Wolverine Nation wants you to do, step down gracefully and inject some new blood into a storied program.

And walk out into the sunset.

Yours for burgers and beer,

Doc Hancock

4 Responses to “For The Sake Of Mankind, Change Needs To Come In Ann Arbor”

  1. Steven said

    There certainly needs to be change at Michigan. Lloyd Carr and his staff are no longer the answer.

    It’s pretty amazing anyway that their fanbase and administration have allowed the man to remain while they have forgotten how to win a bowl game and forgotten how to beat OSU.

    We live in a society of “what have you done for me lately?” and Carr is severely damaging the reputation of the Michigan program IMHO.

  2. Matt said


    Look at Coach Cooper of OSU…he had a pretty absurd winning percentage…except against Michigan and he got the axe for that very reason.

    I know the is a huge movement among the students/hard core fans to get Carr fired…I’d say it is close.

    If you cannot get your team pumped up when 107,000 fans are in the stadium or your players just don’t get psyched on their own, something is wrong….

  3. Doc Hancock said

    I agree. The offense they run is so 1978. Look at schools like Texas, USC, and even friggin’ Nebraska, they woke up and started upgrading their offenses to the modern era. Bo isn’t around anymore and I’m pretty sure if he saw this crap, he probably would have croaked at the sight of this team losing to a school probably 90 percent of the people in Michigan Stadium never even heard of. Get a non-Michigan man who can inject fresh blood into the program, recruit well, and most importantly, beat the Buckeyes and win championships.

    Otherwise, you’re going to be stuck with the loser that is Lloyd Carr.

  4. Just2Cocky said

    Just thought I’d point out….

    The Wolverines are now 6-2 and control their own destiny in winning the Big Ten title. AS USUAL, it will come down to the game with Ohio State. Which is IN ANN ARBOR this year.

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