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Appalachian State Reiterates Need For Playoff System

Posted by Matt on September 2, 2007


Appalachian State did the unthinkable, went in to “The Big House” as a Division 1-AA opponent and took down mighty Michigan 34-32 in front of 107,000.

The win came on a last-second blocked field goal by Appalachian State after the team had taken the lead with 27 seconds to go on a field goal of their own.

This is the first time in HISTORY a Division 1-AA opponent has beaten a ranked team and further proves the parody of collegiate athletics.  This may certainly add fuel the fire for those calling for a playoff system in college football.

If any given team can beat any other team on any given Saturday, a playoff system may be an exciting addition to NCAA football.  Now I am not suggesting allowing teams such as Appalachian State and every other Division I-AA team in to the playoffs, but Boise State is a classic case of a what a middle-American team can do when given the opportunity.

America has shown it loves the playoff system that is March Madness in college sports, now imagine how exciting it can be in one of America’s most popular sports, college football.

Thus I say: Bring on the playoffs!

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Link: Appalachian State Reiterates Need For Playoff System

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