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Vick’s Week Just Got Worse

Posted by Matt on August 29, 2007


As if Vick didn’t have it bad enough after pleading guilty on Monday and apologizing in front of an entire nation, the majority of whom probably now hate him, Ron Artest has come out in support of Vick, saying he would like to “reach out” to the fallen quarterback (link –

I think the last thing Vick wants to hear now is that he’s now being publicly backed by this guy:


Artest doesn’t particularly bring a lot of credibility to a legal case and I am not sure of many who would want Artest on their fighting side. Well literally speaking they would, obviously, but figuratively speaking, not a chance.

3 Responses to “Vick’s Week Just Got Worse”

  1. Steven said

    Excellent point Matt.

    Artest certainly won’t give him any credability.

    Who’s next? Pacman Jones???

  2. raptorcox said

    I still can’t believe what Marbury said. Does any of these athletes think before they speak?

  3. Hello said

    Ron Artest Scares me! But hes Pretty Cool, I guess…

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